Saturday, 30 March 2013

Thank you!

Haha, I am a cheater! Yes, Paula's Diary ended. And now there is 'Paula's ...' well, I have not figured out how I am going to name the blog. However, it will continue right here, this is for sure.

The fact that you are reading this, probably proves that you have never clicked the button to unfollow this abandoned blog. Thank you for that!

I have received the super-cute tiny envelopes plus the Merci-card from a Maison des Parfumeurs in France. At present I am on a quest, trying to find my new signature scent. The envelopes above contain tiny samples. Many niche-perfume-houses offer this service for free or a small charge.

Those who know me, know how thoroughly I manage any type of project. I have made my homework:

I've visited "Noses" online (the Nose is the person who created the perfume), I visited to parfum-boutiques in Vienna, several times, since I never try more than one perfume per day on my skin. Somedays I ended up having unpleasent headaches, altough the perfume had been pleasant on the paper-sample at first. Somedays I could not get my nose off my wrist. It could be that I stick with my old, very pleasant perfume. I am still in the middle of the process.

What I like about the project is the lovely women I meet in the stores. Maybe I am just lucky but somehow they all have the same attitude towards me: They are really friendly, their character has a "warm" basenote (in a good way!) and it just takes a few "sprizz's" and it feels like talking with a friend on lunch break. Maybe they appreciate a customer who has done her homework? A customer who does not buy the first bottle that catches the eye, just because it says "Tom Ford" or "Jo Malone"? I entered the zone of niche-perfumes. The zone, where no marketing helps you creating an image. All you have is the scent on your wrist. your nose and your brain. A lot of those perfumes are actually unisex-scents. One perfume-house goes even a step further and won't even come with names - such as "Funfair Evening" or "Pure Virgin". No. All they tell would give you as a hint are the initials of the nose. pc01 hb02. Phew. 

Those conversations with my "new friends" in the store lead from whale-vomit (Amber) to African wildcat's poo (Civet) and other fun stuff (=ingredients). I will exclude any perfume that contains animal substances. The fact that I started to buy only vegan goods a few months ago leaves me with more than enough to choose from.

I am loving this project so much, I fear I might want to extend it beyond its deadline (SPRING! The plan was to wear a new signature by spring). Mr Paula is not too happy with my project. Woody-oriental, gourmand and green paper-strips layed out in our apartment. But he is brave. He had even manged to to stay in one awfully tiny store over 10 minutes. Then he had to give up. He escaped through the front door.

For calming our senses and nerves (yes, often I leave the shop being very excited), we visit exhibitions. Exhibitions on photography are most enjoyable! Lewis Baltz at the Albertina, Saul Leitner at the Kunsthaus, both are worth a visit ore even two.
The main stairs inside the KHM 

One of last year's projects after quitting Paula's Diary had been various photo-calenders for Christmas. Why did no one warn me how much work and how time-consuming such a simple gift like a photo-calender would be. December 27 2012 we already started collecting motifs for the 2013 edition. Mr Paula is SO attentive. (I wonder why this fact surprises me after so many years). However, last weekend we came across this fountain in the city. He pointed at it, saying 'Hey, look - here we have our 'March''. Do we want to be reminded of this oh-so-bitter-cold-wet-grey-windy-dark March we have experienced this year? We all know: Tragedy +Time =  Humour, so we might have a laugh under the Christmas tree in December 2013.
I am happy to be in contact with you and please, forgive me for writing in English only. Writing bi-langual was probably one of the reasons the time I spent for Paula's Diary became overwhelming.

I am not sure if watermarking the more important photos is a good thing or a bad thing. I definitely do not want to find my photos on other websites. Under no circumstances. So please excuse me for disturbing the motifs. It is likely that I will be lazy in the near future and forget about the watermark. We will see.

It seems as if 2013 is keeping 'Women's Worries Around 40' small. Very nice!

Thank you for reading, I wish you a Happy Easter weekend.

PS: It seems as if diptyque is still a foreign word in Vienna. You should see the faces in the stores where no niche-perfums are to be found. The sales assistents repeat 'Deep-teak?!', as if in a state of awe. Very entertaining!
PPS:  Tam Dao is the perfect scent for her significant other=partner=husband=boyfriend=big love. Oops. Doesn't my boss have two diptyque flacons on his shelf in the office?! :-o Hahaha!