Thursday, 21 April 2016

After work at the Volksgarten

 Every year there is a week that calls me to the Volksgarten. It's the one week where you find lilacs in bloom. The park is as central as you can get in Vienna.

Initially I went there to enjoy the smell of syringa in full bloom, but the light was too intriguing.
 Vienna City Hall in the background
 A few weeks from today, people will enjoy these seats in the cool shade. Today it was 17°C.

 Syringa as beautiful as every year.

 Hanami, followed by crow watching. 
Best down time I can imagine, following around a crow. Take your time. 

 Be sure to leave the garden before this gate closes!

 I know Vienna by heart. What I did not know until recently was the fact that the Belvedere garden is really dull in early spring.
Two weeks ago while cherry trees all over they city were in full bloom, not a single plant nor flower was in bloom at the Belvedere garden. Disappointing, the least. But not tragic. ;-)

This year (like every year?) the lilac season and the tulip season coincide.