Tuesday, 30 March 2010

last train

This is a tram-station where tired kids catch the last train friday night to make their way home to the outskirts of Vienna.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Hokkaido around the corner

these traintracls in the woods remind me of Hokkaido. though I have never been to Hokkaido.

This former Grandhotel still waits to be kissed awake again. Poor Südbahnhotel. I pitty your present time. And dream of your past.

Moda Piu

Let me introduce to you an interesting example of durability.

This "ensemble" has been built in the 1970's, everything about them shouts out 1970's, very very loud: the plant planted around the shops, the shape of the floor (octogons) ...
Look at the crappy entrance of this boutique!

One of these shops has been owned by the same person ever since. The shop is not the bodyshop to the left but "Moda Piu".

It was just until last year that I really noticed the pearls and gems this shop provides:

and many more.

Can you imagine fitting a dress in this place, surrounded by glasfronts and cars driving by and people walking by?
This shop concept is the contrary to exclusive department stores which provide intimacy in their shop-in-shop concepts.

The plants are so miserable!

But even more miserable is the restaurant vis a vis. You would not want to enjoy a café latte after an exhausting afternoon at Moda Piu over here, would you?

Don't get me wrong: I am glad these traces of the past are still around. Not so much for the "Jägerstüberl"-Restaurant .... but the boutique.

PS: sorry for the small pictures, the layout editor and I did not get along very well this time. ;-)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

shape vs egg-shape

Ok, so this is what this famous Austrian Label wants me to wear:

Paula, you are Austrian, so go and wear this fabric with pride! Like you drink Red Bull and listen to Mozart. ;-)

Well. Back in my 20ies my hip and waist would have had the right shape for posing like the doll in the shop window.
Unfortunately Wolford's price range has always been beyond my limits.
Now, at my late 30's I get closer and start enjoying the legwear.

For the tube-dresses: sorry, I will have to pass it in this life. As long as these are around:

Do you see the tinfoil-covered huge Eggs on the top shelf? They have been around since I went to Kindergarten. I don't know if they are sold worldwide? I always loved the idea, that the "box" was made of chocolate. Maybe I go and get my nieces two of these.

swatches on the wall

You can't go wrong with white and beige. says my mother in law. I agree.
But I like some risc a bit in 2010. You know, year of the metal-tiger, lots of drive and so.

I will go with pink and salvia (salvia is offical name of the color) in 2010.

This book right to the color-square was the first inspiration on the way to mint/green/salvia.

I will keep you updated. More color to go on the walls soon.

btw. this year I feel so much Easter-spirit in and around me. Even consider egg-shaped-soaps as a gift for my mum. Never felt like that before. I like it. :-)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

good morning!

finally winter is ready to leave. hurray!! here comes the sun

Monday, 8 March 2010

being 80's in the 90's

Isn't it amazing how 1980's we all were back than in the 90's, 1995 f.e.:

Saturday, 6 March 2010

here I am

Right now a friend in AUS might have hick-ups in her sleep.

Faux Fuchsia, you are the reason I started this blog. To become a follower.

Goodbye Anonymous, hello Paula!