Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Meeting Joan Sallas and Lots of Paper

Last Friday was the last time we attended the Vienna Design Week. And what a glorious finale it was! After work we rushed to the Project Space of the "Kunsthalle am Karlsplatz" to attend a lecture of Joan Sallas. The lecture took place in the Project Space which served as a workshop for paper designers during the Vienna Design Week.

I am glad I brought my camera. Since they did not start on time, there was still time to take a close look at another designer's work:

Similar to the Design Night at the Museum of Applied Arts a few days earlier I did not really get it what it was about. But, in contrast to the Design Night I enjoyed this visit:

Did I already tell you I LOVE paper? My love for paper is probably one reason I started scrapping cards this summer, age 38. :-)

Here you can see the rear of the room, where the lecture was held. First guests are already seated.
They are collecting confettis, punched from office paper or any kind of paper. Donations are welcome.

I could not help but just enjoy what I saw.

Then they sort the confettis, create groups and families and finally ...

... archive the confettis. The project is calles "Confetti Hotel"

Then Joan Sallas entered the stage. He started with his analysis of Mona Lisa's folded sleeves.
The reason the lecture took place in the paper-workshop is this: Folded napkins always had their origin in folded paper, prototypes and studies. Joan is of course also a master of Origami!

This was science!

I had no idea that the Renaissance and Baroque were "folding times."

We have never heard of him until the Design Week. He is known for his unique folding skills. Little was known about the techniques. Only drawings remained from the ancient times since a folded napkin is something ephemeral by nature.

Here you can see a table cloth! Really, no kidding!!
The stage were actually pallets.

We asked Joan how one could serve a plate on such a table, he explained it to us: They folded mountains and but them on the table. Then the guests arrived, admired the folded creation and it was flattened so the dinner could be served.

And they also folded birds, fish, lions and many more sculptures out of napkins. Since the dresses were really voluminous back then, they needed large napkins. About 4 x 3 feet large. You can fold quite something out of this size.

One reason they started folding was also because the large napkin looked like a bed-sheet when layed on the plate in front of you. So they turned the huge napkin into something everyone would admire. And the reason all those pieces of art were white? Was simply to proof it is clean and "safe" to use.

WHOEVER PLANS TO VISIT VIENNA UNTIL JANUARY 23 must visit this exhibition:
Folded Beauty. Joan Sallas folded many pieces of art which are exhibited there.

Meanwhile other things are going on in Vienna, like the completion of a construction site. I pictured it in April here.

Vienna finally got a bit of this Omote-Sando feeling! Trees and structured facades.

Since the posting went down the not-so-shallow-route, I end with this picture, showing how Viennese like to spend their free time:


Next time I will show you some mountains in the south of Vienna.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Update during the Vienna Design Week

The Vienna Design Week comes to an end and we are doing our best to immerge as much as possible into the programme!

The rare occasion spotting Mr Paula's rearview in front of the lense during the long night of Pecha Kucha. more info: wiki

Vix asked, how Pr Paula can not enjoy Mad Men. Seeing him here wearing a white long sleeve shirt might be the answer. Since you see someone, who likes to dress down. :-)

The Pecha Kucha talks ended at 12.10am. 2 hours after they started (approx 10pm) there was a short break and we headed to Mc Donald's, I grabbed a set menu. I used to go to Mc Donald's during the night at age 16, 18 ... when heading to the discotheque. You know, loading with fast burning kcals. It probably is this kind of spirit I enjoy during the events of the Vienna Design Week: feeling like I used to feel many years ago, participating in the city.
One Pecha Kucha presentation was on a guide for the nights out in Vienna. I hope I will keep up the spirit, and more nights out are to come after this week has come to an end soon.

Many traditional companies collaborate with the Design Week'a artists. You can tell, there is some tradition around, at Lobmeyr's!

Founded 1823

The chandeliers in the NY Met are Lobmeyr-Designs, equipped with Swarovski-components. (photo: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/retrospect/the-big-bang-theory-crystal-chandeliers-at-the-met-114781)

This is the street where you find the Lobmeyr-Shop in Vienna:
We Viennese don't fancy the Mozart-stores. Do/Would you?

I took about a dozen photos, playing with the shutter time until I had the right blur of the people passing by. I wanted to show you the crowded streets in Vienna during fall season. It was only afterwards that I noticed the to ladies with the buggy who weren't blurry on all the photos I had taken. Having a talk, taking their time in the center of the picture.

PS: why the apple as opening picture? It does look nice!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

What I have on my mind and like to share with you!

Today's posting is actually similar to a typical Simpson's episode: starts off with a storyline but after approx. 1.30 min the story develops in a different direction. Have you ever been aware of that?

Well, here come the first 1.30 min:

Mr Paula accompanied me what very seldom is the case when I shopped a black or navy (was still undecided when I left the house) cashmere sweater. I was shopping in the Gentlemen's-section, since the women's sleeve are too short when it comes to cashmeres and the V-neck is way too large (I don't to show off my boobs, I prefer the neat V-neck).

So Mr Paula did not feel totally misplaced in the Gent's-section. The SA was well educated (checked the proper lenght of the sleeves) and to my surprise not being pushy at all. By the time I made my decistion (which was surprisingly fast) the SA was not around anymore, already folding sweaters at another counter in the store. I approached him and handed the sweater over to him, asking him if he wouldn't like to put a code/tag or anything on it before I head towards the cashier. Can you imagine his smile?

Usually, the SA circle around you in the most annoying way, waiting for your decision so they can grasp the item and long for the commission. The worst SA are those, who did not serve or help you at all, but check you out from the corner of their eyes and head towards you, as soon as you walk towards the cashier, to grasp the commission.

This SA today helped me. He did not get on my nerves by circling around me when I wasn't in need of his help. I like the fact that there is a way you can show employees with this little gesture you appreciate their service. He was really happy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Now the posting develops in another, new direction.
The rest of this posting will be on Avoiding and Recommending:
* * * * * * * * * * * *

1. Avoid navy blue cotton when you don't want to feel sorry for your goods!

I love navy blue. But I must warn you. Don't fall for navy cotton. I love navy blue and I love cotton. But the two together won't make me happy on the long run.
The dark blue fades, so does black.
You could dye your cotton wardrobe from time to time or go with grey from the beginning.
There is reason, the brand Champion chose grey as their signature colour. It remains in a perfect state.

The miserable life of a navy blue cotton hat. You might like the look I don't. :-p

2. avoid lipgloss when visiting the hairdresser
Hair will stick to your lips when you put lipgloss on. What a mess! Especially when the stylist tries do give you a nice haircut.
The better choice would be a lip primer with some lip-liner color. Simple as that, tinted and perfect. Your stylist will be appreciate it!

3. Don't trash empty, half-full or useless nailpolish bottles!
You can easily clean them with any cheap nailpolosh remover, just add a little remover in the bottle, shake shake shake and empty the bottle. I empty it onto paper towels, since I don't want to pour nailpolish in the drain. Does not feel eco-save. Repeat if necessary. Rinse the bottle and brush with water et voila: you have the clean, empty nailpolish bottle.

You don't now what to use it for?
a) pour half the bottle of nail-treatment and keep it in your office-desk. An easy way to take care of your nails during coffee-breaks at work, works great for any woman who does not find the time after work or in the busy morning at home.
b) pour one third of your nailpolish into the empty bottle and keep it in your office desk. If nailpolish chips during the day, you can easily make a touch up without having to carry the original bottle from home to office and back home. The secondary bottle simply stays at the office.

4. If you live in a place like I do with limited place in the drawers and closet, you probably need to switch your winter / summer wardrobe twice a year. I store the seasonal clothes in 2 large boxes which I put on the top shelf of the closet.

This year I decided doing it the Stepford-wife-way for the first time ever. Well actually the ladies from The Laundress recommend to do it this way. First check if everything is stainfree and iron every piece before folding it into the box. This might be standard for your. Well for me it was a total new experience since I always iron my clothes before I put them on. Ironing a whole box for storage?
You may not notice this at first glance, but this is exceptional! A wall in the appartment where you can see the wall from the ceiling down to the floor. I could make a hand-stand (if I removed the ironing-board). We use(d) to live with "covered" walls: covered with book-shelves, closets, sideboards etc.

It feels great, slowly piling up the shirts in the box and at the end there was still room in the box because everything lay there very neat and flat.
Of course I only recommend this action for any rainy weekend.
Why did I enjoy this so much? I could feel how I value the clothes I own. Each and every piece. This action took place after several decluttering-moves in 2010!

5. Celebrate! Anytime. Just do it .

This picture goes out to my "seperated twin", Vix from the Northpacific-region:
this is not a fake but the real state of the top of my chest of drawers since last sunday!
Vix, come over, quick. I can't handle it!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Vienna Design Week ... PartyPartyParty

Hi again!

Welcome Blighty!
I am happy to know you following this blog! Sorry, today no dresses, but they will return soon, promised!

The facade of the Palais Liechtenstein, still owned by the prince (German: Fürst) of Liechtenstein (picture: http://www.viennadesignweek.at/)

just in case anyone was wondering "Where the heck is Paula and what is she up do?": I am in town! But can't remember having spent as little time at home as I have done during the last week. The Vienna Design Week started and every day and night many events take place.
Usually we stay at home, watching 30ROCK and that's it. I really like the state of cruising through the city after work and visiting several events.

Mr Paula and I like to start an evening during Design Week while listening to an inspiring lecture:
The cinema looks spooky, the woman on stage is Inga Sempé. She is very funny. Really funny. Good job, Inga!

After the lecture we visited the Design Night at the Museum Applied Arts and I must confess we totally did not get it. Not at all. Boring! And no drinks. At least not for free!

You get a good impression what young emerging designers in Austria look like!

ok, this was actually cute.

Since the strange happening bored us, we payed the permanent exhibition in the basement a visit:
Tableware, colour: Neon, about 100 years old

And of course the replica of Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky's Frankfurt Kitchen:
just in case you have never heard about it, please google her ! Or take a look here

And finally we gathered with this crowd and watched how a machine does the job any passionate hand could do

It would not be as much fun, doing this with your own hands

On the way home I checked out the shopwindow of the shop which specialises on wet shaving. My father who is really taking great care of my mum deserves a treat!
Don't worry I did not buy the Swarovski-edition brush!

Sometimes I wish my father would know and enjoy those shops as much as I do!

Oh, it's already time for the next event, the opening of an exhibition:

Can you see me? this is a picture of the room above the hall where the opening of this exhibition took place:

Everybody is getting ready for the opening

These guests did not meet the average age of the visitors.

I liked this lamp:
The designer is a woman, Megumi Ito. Or as she would say: Ito Megumi.

Funny, it was totally crowded there but I did not take a single picture of the crowd.
The exhibition is on Design made in Vienna, between 2000 and 2010. We enjoyed meeting many friends, among them L, who did not know about my blog before. I must send her the link!

As you can tell we don't catch a lot of daylight these days.
I recently started watching Mad Men. I enjoy it, Mr Paula is bored to death. I enjoy it because it is slow, takes its time and: they were clever enough to sew the Kennedy-campaign of 1960 into the story. Jackie O talking spanish to the immigrants on television, original footage. Nicely done!

I also started taking care of my face with a new line. Erno Laszlo. OMG. If you thought Shiseido and Kanebo were expensive ... Too bad my skin seems to accept only the prestige products. I tried with drugstore brands, but they contain so many irritating ingredients. I break out immediately. I already took picutures of the funny square bottles, I will post them soon.

And I started cutting off (is this the proper term? off?) sweets at night, after dinner. My skin will thank me! Instead I sip a mug of vegetable stalk. :-)

You know, I am much more excited than it might read. It's partly because of my limited english skills, I could express myself much better in German. Partly it's because I don't want to write too enthusiastic. For example the joy I have knowing my father will be flattered when he unpacks the new brush and soapdish. Now you know!

Thank you for stepping by!

PS: today I am wearing OPI Cukoo for this colour on my nails, my fingertips look like a bug's shield.I got the mani for free, they offer this service one week for every OPI-customer. The apprentice painted my nails so perfectly, the polish leaves a gap aboout 0,3mm between the nail and the skin around the nail. I love this. I will practice this. It obviously takes a lot of practice. It was my first mani ever. At 38.