Sunday, 18 February 2018

Cauliflower à la Miznon


What better than testing a new recipe on a Sunday afternoon?

I am a big fan of "Miznon" – the Isreali Street Food restaurant in Vienna. Miznon is famous for serving roasted cauliflower.  

All it takes is a cauliflower, olive oil and salt and a really hot stove for your home-made cauliflower à la Miznon. 

Please excuse the plastic. It will fuel the local heating plant, promised.

First things first: boil the cauliflower head down in very salty water (it should taste like sea water). Meanwhile turn the oven to max. heat

Boil the cauliflower until it responds to pressure, not too tender. This takes a few minutes.


Rub the hot cauliflower with sea salt and olive oil. (does not have to be Fleur de Sel)

Roast the cauliflower in stove until it gets darker

To my surprise it did not take that long.

Steamy cauliflower

Serve to your liking. I added sundried tomatoes and olives and some white bread.

Bon Appétit!


Saturday, 17 February 2018

Dull but Pleasant


The days are getting longer and everyone is having a good time outside, enjoying the warm sunlight in Vienna.


For weeks the skies have been overcast. This weather has been around for such a long period, I've stopped counting the weekends deprived of sunlight. 

Seagulls at the Wienfluss, Stadtpark

It takes some effort to motivate oneself to leave the house and enjoy ... what exactly? 

And picture ... what? 

Desaturated February 2018 look like this:

A very dear friend recently told me how her head did get stuck in a historic fence, back when she was a child. They had to call firemen to free her. 

Due - or should I say thanks? - to today's standards regarding safety, such a railing would not be permmitted today. At the same time you still find them in Vienna securing dizzying heights, as seen at the Stadtpark.

Design: Otto Wagner

For an art lover, February can be tough. The winter exhibitions have ended and the upcoming exhibitions are not open yet. Which leaves me with lots of free time on weekends.     

On a rare occasion, when sunlight makes it through the clouds (often on late Sunday afternoons) Schönbrunn is the place to go. As a regular visitor, I know what to expect: recreation and relaxation.

You'll have to search for occurrences, except for people walking around there is almost nothing going on. Picture my excitement when I spotted this:

A setting made for David Lynch's Snowmen

The walk turned out to be pretty dull. 

So dull, I even came up with a concept for educating projective geometry:

Instructions: Bring pupils to Schönbrunn, show them the apparent chaos trees form in front of you, only to discover that there is a concise order, hidden within the chaos. 

Can you imagine how good it feels to see an actual shadow? I have not seen one in days, probably weeks.

Enjoying the rare event of light and shadows and a flock of seemingly unorganised trees.

Perspective and focal points en nature

On with the dull (but nevertheless pleasant) walk. The slope leading upwards is facing north.

The whole area quickly becomes a slippery slope.

Zig-zag. Getting closer to the Gloriette

Not long ago the sculptures underwent renovation works. In the summertime their newly white appearance seems too bright. But today, surrounded with ice and snow, the appearance is 100%.

Ha! A fellow flâneur photographer!

Feel free to interprete  ... #exclamationmarksinthings
How I wrap up an afternoon after a walk:
Back home a vegetable soup delivers comfort and warmth.  

Have a cozy weekend!