Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bruno and Marie Curie

While I was busy packing the Mozartkugeln, these two blind passengers took advantage - I was in the other room - and jumped into the backpack.

Long story short: I found them before these blind passangers had the chance to board the airplane. We just had a brief talk, regarding safety regulations, scissors etc.

They explained: how they wish visit the country of their ancestors. I admit, I can't resisit those eyes.
And they seemed sooo excited about the trip. Their last trip to France was not that successful: no bears sightings at all.
Well, so we are going to travel as a group of 4. How nice!

Tourists from Austria

Not just once I have written about tourists in Vienna on my blog. This time it is the other way round: we are going to be tourists and look forward to encountering the Crimean hospitality. Since we know how to behave, I have not forgotten to pack some the sweet greetings. They seem to be quite iconic. They worked in Japan, on the Outer Hebrides. In case you ever come to Austria and visit one of those Chocolate-Boutiques, be sure to buy the round ones. Any Mozartkugel that stands on a bottom is not the right kind of Mozartkugel. The true original Mozartkugel from Paul Fürst dates back to 1890. It tastes different from the Mirabell Mozartkugel (pictured below) and it is handmade and comes with fewer layers inside.
I am surprised, how accuarate the colours are. I mean it was grey when I was taking this photo, with another heavy cloud-burst outside.
Oh, I forgot to solve the riddle: one sweet "bar" is for my Russian teacher, one for Natascha, she will show us Sevastopol and one for the housekeeper, who is going to cook for us. The heart goes to Valentina, our host.

I will put the comments on "moderated-only"-mode for the time that I am gone.
Пока, see you in June!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Where the Eggplants Grow

A large area in the East of Vienna has always been dedicated to vegetables, growing vegetables. The production methods may have altered over the decades, but the business remained more or less the same: it's a family-run business.
Looking back. In the far distance you can see a radio tower. Usually we see this tower from the city, the radio tower seems to be far away. Now I am even beyond the tower. Which means I am really far from anything and anyplace.Without rain protection, but with dark clouds coming our way.
Zucchino with a Locked-in-Syndrom

Conformity. A trim would suit the hedge, it's already growing wild.
How Viennese vegetable farmers live. This tour has not become famous for its architectural highlights.
There is sill spare money for a nice BMW

Come in? Stay outside!
Yes, vegtable farming is a industry. Contrary to the meat- and dairy-industry, you are allowed to take a close look.
Monochrome, my new love. I notice an akward eccentricity: only the portrait format seems to speak to me. 
The green is so saturated, it is almost too saturated. Viennese salad. Now is the time!

A little mystery. I have no clue what this hut is being used for. Totem figure?
In the close neighbourhood you find the shore of the Danube and its flood plains.
Have a good start into the new week!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Last Picture Show

Don't worry, these wont be the last pictures. The photo above has this special ambience that immediately brought The Last Picture Show to my mind.

I am currently having a really good time, going trough my recent photos, 'developing' them in black and white.

Late night, time to quit the flow. Time to recharge my battery. The camera's battery is all set, ready for new adventures. More is to come and I can tell you, I am THIS close to adding the label 'Art' right here. Seriously!