Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Hat Ladies

While being on a trip, it is always nice to have something to focus on when taking photos. I met a woman who focused on butterflies. It did not take too long and I had found my personal focus: hats. Crimea is definitely a hat place.
Hat lady in Sevastopol
Hats in Mischor
For the less fortunate the city provides alternatives in a larger scale:
Promenade in Yalta

Hat lady in Cimeis

Friday, 14 June 2013

Back in Vienna


I am back from my trip and spent four intense, beautiful and educating weeks.
Now I am busy converting the RAW files into JPGS.

I did not expect my outfit to match the appearance of ancient chapels that well. I am almost invisible ;-) (Day 1 of our trip - before the tanning set in).

Lunch in a Crim-Tartarian-Restaurant, you sit on cusions. It was an open air restaurant, no windows, just curtains waving in the breeze.
Inside a cellar in a 400-year-old-cave village on a mountain top. Now that I see the photo I realise I jumped on the omnipresent adidas-band wagon. adidas seems to be the only sport-label in the Ukraine.
The only downside during our trip was the fact that bears had been extinct on the Crimea long ago. The bears could not make new friends. Bruno did not seem to mind, Marie-Curie was a bit upset at first.
On our way to the mountains

Unexpected sights in the woods
New settlements, called microregion. Crim-Tartars who had been deported in the Stalin-regime return to the Crimea.
Wild West in the East? Reminds me of old Western Towns: wide streets, no pavement, two-storey-buildings.

I guess you can tell I have been to a country that is very different from my home-country.

How have you been, how are you?