Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Biker Jacket

This says it all:

Me, August 1989 before my last year at school
This jacket had been mine for a few weeks in 1989. I borrowed it from a friend, sharing clothes was part of our wardrobe life back then. The biker jacket came with a story: it belonged to a former police officer who had worn the jacket at work, on his bike. (Truth? Myth? Nice story anyway!)  Biker jackets where big. Flea markets where the place to go to.

No doubt, this piece of leather made me feel so cool. The first day at school, after the summer, walking up those steps in front of the school gate, where the guys used to hang out and scan us – the girls. I am not sure how well I actually rocked the coolness this jacket incorporated. What I can say for sure is that the guys did not handle my altered appearance all too well, speaking from their comments.
Being a girl, d'awwh...

Today I find myself scanning shops for "the certain jacket". Biker jackets are back, now tighter and tinier than ever. And of course pricier than ever.

btw: The red tan in my face comes partly from the hot turtle neck I was wearing, inside my friend's room, partly from the old photo paper (almst 30 years old, colours change over time) and of course from long days at the public pool.

What this photo also tells me: take photos and keep them. They bring joy.


Friday, 3 February 2017

Photo Journaling 101 aka Analogue Blogging


Last week's memory journals/notebooks quickly morphed into "rapid photoalbums"–  "rapid", because compared to other, still empty albums, which I had sitting on the shelf for years, this goes really fast. Japan (2007!),  Cuba (2001!!) - untouched albums! The photo piles are neatly stacked and  sit next to empty albums. Well.

Why not put photos on paper on a(n almost) daily basis?

I noticed that many photos have a story to tell. Who is going to tell the story, if not me?

Besides the photos that need the story behind the moment, there are many unspectacular stories,  small anecdotes, nevertheless, they often make my day.
Now those small stories have the chance to become memories, thanks to the photo that pictures the moment. The photos "pin" small moment to my long-term memory.

I remember my great-aunt looking at a family-portrait from her childhood. She was 99 years old and was suffering from dementia. Holding the wooden frame in her hands, looking at the photo, her mood changed in an instant. She smiled. She was happy.

Ok, it is probably not the main purpose of my new hobby, to create a pile of "Happy moments for possible future deseases". Speaking of purpose: Is there any purpose at all? Maybe just "happy moments for today".

Sounds better. :-)

Now enough with the talking, let me walk you through the process of photo journaling:

This is the set-up:
One month = one notebook. The month of January comes with a winter landscape on the cover

Next to me sits the Canon Selphy photo printer:
It takes 40sec for a moment to become a memory.
It's playful, soooo playful ...
I can do whatever I want to. I arrange, combine and smile. A lot. (I guess this pretty much nails my understanding of "playing")

First steps into the world** of those colourful Washi Tapes:
Seriously? Yes! Finally!! The January Cure makes it into the Photo Journal

How popular is photo journaling?

I could find numerous videos and blogs on Traveller's Journals/Midoris, bullet journaling and art journals (those journals which come with lots of watercolour on curly notebook pages), but there almost hardly any blogs/videos on "Photo Journaling" out there. 

Carrying a journalist-gen I love going into depth, exploring recently unknown topcis, to compare and also to look at the background that comes with most stories. Recommendations are very welcome!

Can you recommend some blogs/vlogs on photo journaling? I am curious to hear about them.
Wait ... photo journal  .... journalist....  Ha! This all adds up.  :-D


* The innocent world of Washi Tapes has the potential of becoming a "Universe of Japanese kawaii-ness full existing of al kind of paper craft supplies. You have been warned