Thursday, 23 September 2010

Working with Flowers - Part 2

My colleague G and I share the same room. And here you can find this birthday-bouquet my colleague received today. It is her birthday. Harvest Moon, beginning of autumn and the birthday - 3 in one. How special!

The bouquet is stunning and very beautiful. Only G won't be in the office til Monday. But she might check in and see this photo :)

I don't write a lot about my work environment. Since I took this picture today, I might as well show it to you! :)
We held a jury. It was the final event after a long process of entries, starting in March!

Here you can, how we in Austria hold a jury. Well, at least as long as I am responsible for the event.
There is Guglhupf, Zwetschkenkuchen (a great word if you want to tie a know in your tongue while mastering German) and of course coffee.

You can be sure, the Zwetschkenkuchen-platter was empty by the time we elected the winners.

The funny, coloured points on the rear wall are magnets, they've tacked all the entries of the first round on the wall. The alignment of the magnets reminds me of a star-sign. Maybe Virgo. Or Libra?

Man I'm tired.
Maybe I will watch an episode of United States of Tara. Or rather take a hot soothing bath. Or both!

xoxo (I KNOW, I should watch less Gossip Girl)

PS: just in case you wonder why I named this posting "... - Part 2", here you can find Part 1.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Me and Bridget Jones

Picture this:
Monday evening. You leave your best friend's house, after an evening full of fun- you have been trying on her mum's 80's wardrobe and are taking home some of the clothes that don't her anymore.

Well, the evening was fun, your hair is a real mess, totally electroshocked after trying on all the silky and synthetic pullovers and your trousers are rolled up to your knees. Picture Bridget Jones, then you have me!

The trousers are rolled up
- firstly, because you have no problems showing off white socks (yes, you are convinced white socks match the off-white trousers better than black socks would)
- secondly, because you are on your way to pick up the bike. And since you will be busy with the huge bag full of 80's and early 90's clothes, you won't have the nerve to roll up the trousers while balancing the bike with the load of clothes. So you roll them up in advance.

So this is how you walk across the most noble corner of Vienna. Ready for heading straight home, quasi one foot in the pyjamas. It is no later than 9.30pm. But you feel like 10.30pm at least. Lets say 11.30.

And this is the moment when it happens.
You run into your Ex.

You remember, the one who planned to propose in September on San Torin - too bad you never got that far. Since all ended in June.
So it is this Ex who crosses paths. He wouldn't have recognized you at all, heading towards the underground car park, walking a few feet in front of you. Since he never dated ANY strange looking woman, and definitely not women with rolled up pants and white socks, walking around with stuffed plastic-bags at night with electroshocked hair, this would not have turned into anything.

But you recognize him. Of course you do, since he is wearing a 3-piece suit like always. Nailed shoes. As always.

And you shout his name.
Because this is the moment!

And the very second you shout his name, you realize: how ridiculous your appearance is.

Too late!

Yes, you are fine. Yeah, and you just had a good time hanging out with your best friend.
Yes, indeed, he returned to the city with his wife and kids. He wants to know what you are doing and how you are doing. You pass on the basic coordinates.

You have thought of this moment before. How it would be, the moment you meet him after so many years.

You surely did not imagine the moment to turn out like the meeting tonight. At 9.30, with one foot in the pyjamas.
The Chanel yeti could not have been any more ridiculous than my appearance.

After a few sentences we say goodbye and I realise: There could not have been a better moment for running across your Ex in the streets.
No, I was not preppy, nor glam. I was ... a mess. And still, I called his name.
Was I stupid like Bridget when calling him, displaying myself in such a state?
No. I don't think so. I simply did not long for his approval but was just pleased to see him.

And this put a huge smile on my face while cycling back home to Mr. Paula.

Mr. Paula totally did not get it: why would you care?
And even more mysterious:
a) why would you call your Ex name in the street
b) why would you care about what your Ex thinks about you?

I had the short answer to b):
The moment you meet your Ex in the street, you have to make him feel sorry for being with another woman at this very moment. He could have had you. This is the rule. Obey it!

Talking Japanese could not have made less sense to Mr Paula than this explanation why "we" care.

Just in case you wonder, no, I am not over my Ex. I probably don't plan on ever being "over" him. Call me stupid, I call it a game. And tonight I draw the perfect card. I still smile while typing these words. I could not have been more relaxed and calm like the moment I met him. I did not expect myself being calm in this situation.

Many of my girlfriends have met or seen him during the past years and often they would give me an excited call. Yes, he is that kind of guy. A 3-piece guy so to say, that excites the friend's friends.

Tonight I need to thank my best friend. I can't deny the fact. It's because I feel good everytime I leave her place or whenever she leaves my place. And when feeling good, you don't long for anyone's approval. You radiate "content".

Well, what leaves us with b)
You remember: The moment you meet your Ex in the street, you have to make him feel sorry for being with another woman at this very moment. He could have had you.

Did (b) work out?
He probably will not feel sorry for the great looking woman he might miss - since there was no great looking woman visible tonight.
But: mmmmmmh. He could feel sorry for the presence of this woman in front of him, who dared to call his name with rolled up trousers and troubled hair. Just like this.

And there was this one sentence I said, standing in front of him, looking down at myself, with a smile on my face: "Great! Now this is how me meet again, me being a total mess." And I laughed.
Wait. I laughed? I made fun of myself? Really, ... finally? Humour?!?
The Paula I knew so far did not make fun of herself. No way.

Good night!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Green, Purple and Kahlo

Hi dear reader!

Here you see some of the plants growing in front of my windows. The grass is about 3 feet long!
I am sure you know the feeling when the autumn sun meets the eye ...

... bliss
... heartbeat

Plants equals maintenance. My brother-in-law will look after window-plants soon to prepare them for the winter chills to come.

Another kind of mainentance looks like this:

Usually when 3 people work at a construction site, it means 1 working / 2 watching.
Here we can see 1 working and 2 watching, but something is different!

The garden is in front of the museum of natural history in Vienna. I captured this moment on my way to the office, after having started this day with a breakfast together with Friend H at the cutest place you could imagine for a rendezvous with one your friends: Orlando di Castello. (if you click on one photo once you clicked on the link, you can click through the album) We had breakfast together once and the architect, who designed the place, joined us, what we particullary enjoyed. I also enjoyed the LV-Damier-Geant purse in Anthracit he brought along. Actually we went there already several times! As this posting proves. The place is one of the rare non-smoking-only-places in Vienna. After kicking off with only women who drink prosecco meanwhile you find a pleasant mix of consultants, best friends, politicians from any party and us! Friend H will send pics from the breakfast, I might update this posting!

From our table we could watch as the early birds lined up for an exhibition as soon as it opened:

Inside would be plenty of place but they prefer having the crowd line up outside. Which makes the exhibition become a go-go place. How clever!

Just a around the corner I found this marvellous long dress in a shop window. It managed to expand my vocabulary: sequin.

Blighty, hope you like it!
Sure the left one would suit you. Dresses like this look best on petite women. But it is the left one that caught my eye. Probably because I chose Blake L. to be my 15-years-younger-than-me-rolemodel, follwing Poppisima's recs. Since it seems impossible to end the italic-mode I rather end HERE.

Friend H emailed my silly Brigitte B.-impression with a wild hair-do this morning:
Sweater: Armor Lux; Hand posture: VIPosture, as if I was wearing the last Chanel Particulière available on planet earth. The truth is I am wearing NailTek II.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Thank you Marc Jacobs for the pony tail.

It has never been so easy to follow the latest trend. pony tail it is!

Since I am already creating this new posting I might as well tell you I believe there are little other countries which build single-family-houses the way the Austrians do. I have been watching Kirstin and can hardly believe how people in the US simply put a house on soil. OK, it is a garage, not a house, but still ... fascinating, very fascinating. A house without a concrete-cellar (which costs half the house btw!) would be something to be ashamed of around here. At least you could risc that your parents would not like to talk to you for a looong time. And your new neighbours would surely brand you as the new neighbours who are short of money.
It's very complicated.

So, greetings to you who think and live differently! Inspiring you are!