Sunday, 23 October 2016

Exploring the Lower Drautal Valley


After my vacation in July I happily returned to Carinthia, my favourite region in Austria. Even after so many visits, this region still has many places in store and on a slow but steady path we are exploring one corner after another.
On our way to Fresach
I was surprised to find the woods deserted on such a perfect Sunday afternoon
A pool. Really?
Sequential arrangement
Late October and the woods are burst from mushrooms
"I'm freeeeezing."
This scenery not just reminded my of "Top of the Lake" (scary1), it actually was at the top of a lake pond.
Exciting occurence

The patchwork house is the neighbour of the ...
... idea of an ideal home? Maybe.
A stable, bursting from hay
Right next to the stable you find this structure.
Big scale farming

A chapel accompanied with cows ...
... cows and ...
...  a cowboy. matchy matchy (photo at a vintage antique ice cream stand)

Another plant, working 24/7
Small scale structure (no idea, what the purpose of the building to the left is/was)
The Drautal Valley is the largest river valley in Carinthia, it's situated not far from the place where we are staying, which is nice for the first day of a vacation - no long car rides.

We left the house quite late and experienced an afternoon full of impressive impressions, so many different qualities in just 3 hours. The proximity of small, antique structures and huge industrial plants was surprising. Exactly to my liking. :-)
After the harvest, looking South towards the Southern Alps/Slovenia
No, I did not eat them, but tried to identify their nature back home with a mushroom guidebook.
spectacular. perfect. amazing. heart opening.
A high seat in an old oak tree
Golden October shines on a colourfull berberis
A Villacher beer is never far in Carinthia
Detail at the Protestant parish in Fresach
Leaves on every step of our way
At the cemetry gates
By far the most specatcular plant in such a remote rural region, near Villach
The plant comes with a drive through and colour blocking.
Mirror, mirror in the pond: Fresach and snow on the mountain tops

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hundertwasser-Krawina-Haus, formerly known as Hundertwasserhaus


You've probably heard about Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The I knew there is the "Hundertwasser-Krawina-Haus" in Vienna, an apartment building in the 3rd district nearby the city centre and that Hundertwasser is a well known global bran, but I had no idea, how important his heritage is to tourists and what a major tourist attraction the Hundertwasser-Krawina-House actually is.

Hundertwasser-Krawina House in the back, tourists taking photos of the "Villlage" ...
The "Hundertwasser Village" is everything tourists look for ... and it's nothing like Vienna.

One Mozart is never enough ;-)
The scenery inside the Village reminds me of a mall in Odaiba, Tokyo, where everything is artificial. Even the (day) light. Motorway service areas look similar.
I had an appointment nearby, it was early in the morning, before opening hours of most of the museums in Vienna. The scenery was interesting: it was really crowded, but very quiet at the same time. I was surprised how disciplined the groups behaved. The atmosphere was almost calm and all the kiosks around the Hundertwasser-Krawina-House reminded me of the corners close to the Vatican museums in Rome. 

Groups everywhere

A pleasant autumn morning in Vienna's 3rd district

Basic needs
In the 1980's, when the tourist attraction opened, busses drove through the narrow streets. Today the busses are banned and halt nearby. The neighbours in the residential area say "thank you far walking a few metres".

A Klimt is never far ...

September has been a golden month with warm days and mild nights.

Lets see, what October has to offer. Loden weather ahead. :-)