Saturday, 23 August 2014

From Russia ... in Europe


2 weeks ago I arrived in Russia.
Kaliningrad is located between Lithuania and Poland and the Baltic Sea, hundreds of km away from mainland-Russia.

I am having a wonderful time here and as soon as I am back in Vienna, ah ch will be in 3 weeks, I am going to publish photos and tell some stories.

Yesterday I actually had a conversation on the phone in Russian - which is more than I wished for in sich a short time.

At the moment all my photos are stuck in my camera, but I did take some pictures with the tablet cam inside the apartment, where I live at the moment.


Right now

History channel?


A red lipstick is a must. 

I am thrilled that I am actually reading Russian texts. Very simple, but still!!

Can you find the sink?
After the manicure

Apples everywhere, now thet the EC must not export fruits to Russia. Tje city of Kaliningrad crowded with appletrees.
Minimalism was yesterday. Golden flowers on the wall.

Kalinimgrad is an incredibly green city.
I am off to the Russian Disco.