Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Venice Travel Diary

Hello again!

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of exploring Venice and the Lido di Venezia. I've enjoyed the stay so much (and due thanks to my conservative nature), I've decided to revisit the Lido in autumn. This behaviour is not new to me. I know it all to well from previous Hamburg-trips (3 times back in 2012). One time is never enough.

EDIT Dec 2016:
The 2016 Venice Travel Diary so far: 

The view from our apartment

This time around we'll leave the car where it belongs: in Austria and travel by train. There is simply no need for a car in Venice. Well, cars do have a purpose: they serve as accessoires in images:

Ferryboat "Lido di Venezia" heading towards the Lido di Venezia

It feels sooo good to revisit a place which you like and where you've earned a certain degree of street fondamente smartness.

Neighbourhood @ Lido di Venezia

In May the Lido smelled heavenly. Back in Vienna I had to buy an intense white floral perfume. Jasmine!  What scent will be my souvenir in autumn?

Arsenale in May 2016
La Biennale, Arsenale May 2016

Those of you who know "Come fly with me" know ...

Now that I look at the photos, I notice that they have something in common (besides the water): Movement! Slowly but surely. :-)
Like always, I am going to take plenty of time at my hands.


Fuji Superia 200/camera Canon AE-1
Kodak Portra 160/camera YashicaMat124G
JPGs out of cam/Sigma DP2 Merrill

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tube vs Comfort

6 years ago I dedicated one of my early postings to this Wolford shop window:

impossible [Wolford design 2010]

Wolford has been facing difficulties for several seasons, business is not developing as expected. Change of plan. Lets make women feel ... comfortable. Sounds looks like a good idea.

interesting [Wolford design 2016]
After all these years ... finally!  

Good luck, Wolford for your turn around!
'would not want to miss your Velvet Deluxe 66 ...

Monday, 29 August 2016

Closing Time


the hour before the gates at Schönbrunn Palace gardens close is a good time to explore detail, walking around at random ...
Palmenhaus at Schönbrunn Palace gardens (glasshouse) in the evening sun
groomed bushes
No matter how often I see them (you see them quite often in Vienna), they always get my attention.
The basic geometrical never go out of style

Now look at that! (awe)
Haha, a black sheep

Distant relatives observing from the shade
Lets move on to architecture:
Am I right to channel a french palais?

The condition of the renovated glasshouse is astonishing

Time to check out what's going inside. Oh, they grow hydrangeas in the "Palmenhaus".

 Art-deco (haha. wordplay)

Another peek inside. Wait. Sunflowers? Bizarre.

Am I right to channel a Parisian metro station?

Walking around 1 hour before the gates close is a huge experience.

Vastness or should I say unexpected perspective

A peek inside the Schönbrunn Zoo, after closing hours. The Zoo closes before the palace gardens.

A familiar perspective for regular joggers: the West-East-axis in the Schönbrunn Palace gardens
Treelovers will be very, very happy at Schönbrunn.
Pure bliss

The best things in life are free

Underrated birds crossed our paths. Watching crows walking around triggers instand relaxation. I think they are cute. And yes, I know they eat birds.
... as long as I don't stress myself capturing nice shots of crows.

The crow ressort at Schönbrunn Palace gardens including serveral pools.

Time to leave. Gates are open 365 days throughout the year.

Summer is coming to an end.
Bienvenue la rentrée!


PS:  Don't worry, the green spam will come to an and soon, since we've moved back to the city centre were trees and lawns are rare.

Japanese Garden in Schönbrunn


within the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens there is a corner they designed like a Japanese garden. 

In case you want to visit this spot at Schönbrunn: you'll find it right behind the huge glass house, known as Palmenhaus Schönbrunn.

"Japanese Garden" in Schönbrunn

Not that I am the most educated expert when it comes to Japan and gardens but this time you have to believe me: this (obviously quite interesting garden design) is a poor copy of anything Japanese.

See the small water pipe? (front, left)? A few years ago this pipe behaved like it was supposed to: a small water drop dripped down, then another one, and then another one and after a looong while, where was so much water in the small bassin that it caused a piece of wood to lose its balance and the water poured onto a lower level and the pipe began top drip one drop after the other. Now THAT's what I call a Japanese garden pipe gem. But this? Nah. The once adored, super cool Zen-water pipe no longer is. Instead the did ... what? Something weird.

So I did what I had to to lift my mood. I turned away, 180° to be precise. And look what I found:

You, who know me well, you see this and read my thoughts, right? ;-))

Have a good start into this new week!

*Japanese for "good morning"

Friday, 26 August 2016

Bunch of Keys

Looking at my heavy bunch of keys I thought I'd take a picture. Believe it or not, each and every of these Keys has been used in the last 24 hours.

No! I am not a paranoid lady who fears to be robbed and locks her door with dozens of locks before  going to bed. These keys open doors at four different locations in Vienna, including "accessoires" like mailboxes and lockers and add-ons like cars and my bicycle. From all the keys the car key is by far the one which gets least frequently used. 

Another lovely August week has passed by so quickly. The weather in Vienna has been beyond perfect: warm days, cool nights, no need to hide inside during the day and wait until it geets cooler because it never gets that hot. 

Tonight we experienced the pleasure of arriving at the Schönbrunn Palace gardens by bicycle, 1,5 hour before the gates close – a daytime I highly recommend for any visitor! You won't belive how remote the gardens are later in the day. 

The photo below is just a teaser, I took enough photos to bore Mr Paula more than he deserved, searching for the nicest shots. The shot below was actually a snapshot on our way out.

Leaving Schönbrunn Palace gardens approx 30min before they close the gates
We are enjoying our last days of a splendid staycation before my parents return from their vacation. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

Sunday, 21 August 2016


Hello dear readers!

STAYCATION! With capital letters.

Five years ago I started this new tradition. 2016 it's time for another Staycation.
Meanwhile I know what to expect:

  • Spending time en plein air instead of airport terminals

  • Resting on comfy balcony chairs instead of those seats at boarding gates

  • Time to take close looks instead of rushing through busy schedules

Well, those who know me/my blog, know that I am the last person on this planet who would rush any kind of trip abroad. My schedules look more like this and this.

Staycation 2016: 5 km away from home, housesitting at my parents' home.
Very pleasing alternative to all possible trips abroad: the balcony

 The bumblebee became a regular visitor.

Happy furry insects are a lovely company

Spot the busy bumblebee

Could be that the bumblebee sensed the upcoming change of weather?

Main duty while house-sitting: watering all the plants. 

This is what the balcony looks like 24 hrs later:

Today is another day. A day where the sky does the watering.
Mirror, mirror on the leaf

Such a relaxed way to start a new day ... getting in touch with blossoms.

All pictures were taken with a SIGMA DP2 Merrill / 50mm. This camera loves overcast skies as much as I do. :-)

Staycation's middle name? Spare money!
 ... which leads to lasting memories aka souvernirs.

Have a lovely, relaxed sunday,
may it be cool like ours ... or hot like summer.