Friday, 26 January 2018

Upcycling the Fat Balls


January 2018 has been not too exciting so far, and almost dull. Grey skies, no snow at all and at the office we have successfully been passing all sorts of viruses and germs along.

Time for some DIY play.

Even though winter has not been very frosty until now, the birds are regular visitors at the fat balls in front of the kitchen window. They happen to be quite picky when picking from the fat balls. The peanuts were gone in no time, whereas the average fat ball did not meet their taste.

Looking at empty nets in front of the window is not a satisfying view - neither for the birds, nor for me.

I opened some empty nets and filled them with walnuts.  The walnuts turn ranzid so fast. Even the ones I buy at the supermarket with a due date way ahead are already rancid when I opened the bag. ... leaves me with plenty of bird food.

Great tits haven proven to be the largest bird pupulation in Austria. A common sight at the window. 

The bird is thoroughly inspecting the new menu.

Look who's here!
Ususally Blue Tits make way for Great Tits, Blue Tits are about 1/3 the size of a Great Tit.
The Blue Tit has no intentions to make way, pretending to be interested in the "lesser" menu ...

... only to taste the new menu as soon as the Great Tit has left.

The station has been really busy. The birds don't seem to mind the rancid taste of the walnuts at all.

Since I have been leaning at the window, I pictured the sky which is 100% dull. It has been like this for days.

10am. It's is a sunny day, few hundred feet above this blanket of clouds and mist.

Friday is Skywatch Day in the Blogsphere. A regular skywatcher is Rosemary (Share My Garden).

This skywatch was last week, right after sunset in the late afternoon:
The moon happens to be very, very beautiful in 2018.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Who doens't LOVE this moon. I hope you are having a great night, enjoying this fabulous full moon which happens to be a supermoon.

This happens to be a 100% monothematic posting. Does not happen too often around here. 

Clouds passing by

After some dozens of photos I finally figured out the surprisingly short, correct exposure that shows the surface of the moon: ISO 100, 1/500s and F9. A Nikon D 90, handheld and a kit lens is all it takes.

Sleep tight!*


* maybe not tonight