Saturday, 27 June 2015

Guided by a Girl

I don't know about your home towns, parks and squares, but in Vienna you find so called "Baulückenparks": former empty building lots, which have been transformed into parks – most of have been design in the 1980's and 90's.

The reason why I came to the park with my camera in the first place: 
the rooftop-structure reminds me of a boat in a dry dock.

Today I visited the park with my camera and it did not take long and I found company. I little girl, Katherina, joined me on my tour in the park. She happily pointed at scenic spots - spots she considered being worth being pictured, f.e. this blue colour on a wooden bench:

It is amazing, how good kids are at imitating. The girl had approached me and asked "Why do you take this picture?"

My answer: "I take this picture, because in my eyes, this is an interesting wall. The colour is beautiful, I like the blue and the yellow".

Not much later I found myself next to her, and listening to her words: "See, this is beautiful, I like this colour. Take a picture, it is a beautiful colour". Call her in :-)

Adult choice: The little girl was fond of the black and blue contrast.
 One rare, since not overly designed corner in a Viennese park

 Imagine Christo

 The structures you find in a park a useful. This stand provided an elevated angle, luxurious!

 Dogs everywhere ;-)

The girl's favourites:
No generation without Air Jordan. Haha!

There is a reason why I pictured only Katharina's hand and feet: She wanted me to take a photo of her, too. I explained to her, that I won't take a photo without her mother's or father's permission.

Btw, it is amazing how fast you can become friends with kids as soon as you slow down, they approach you. Taking your time is playful. We all play in our own way.

Looking at these photos, taken on a Saturday afternoon at 6pm, you see, there is almost nothing going on. Which is good! I appreciate this down time, in terms of sensations, because one week from today I am going to wake up in a different time zone, in a different climate, with a different language and uncommon places ... One word: Siberia.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, 22 June 2015


Over the past weeks I've noticed a slight change in my behaviour: I return to places where something (in my eyes) worth being captured has caught my eye – with a camera around my neck :-)

Two days ago I was sitting in the tram, late in the evening. There was no chance, no time and no light for a photo. So I came back another day, during daytime, with plenty of time on my hands.
The sky has been mostly cloudy, rainy and dark but there have been some sunny spells, too. An overcast sky leads to an almost unreal light the moment the sun makes it through the clouds, very focused, turns the sunlight into a spotlight, could be mounted just a few metres away.

And the motiv? The house is quite unique, situated in the outskirts of Vienna, in the 13th disctrict, right next to a tramway station. You could say it is not out of the world, but obviously out of time. The window shutters are made of wood, cut hearts. Hearts! Some window shutters are out of use, vegetation took over. I will keep an eye on this house, see, if it stands the test of time in the near future.

Have a good week!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Discretion Is Mandatory

I am used to the sight of thujas fencing in private backyard gardens and small front gardens.
But this, a thuja hedge in field? This is a quite unusual sight, even for a country like Austria, where thujas have been THE hedge plant for decades. There was a short bamboo intermezzo in the early '00 years, but the bamboo was not meant to last.

There is probably a story behind the thuja hedge on the hill in Höttinger Au, Innsbruck, Tyrol. I don't know the story. All I know is that this scenery made me smile, which is reason enough to stop, take the photo and share it here.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pigeon Photobombing and Tinsel

You can imagine my surprise in the darkroom, when one of the students in the darkroom class I just recently met in class asked "Is this in the 7th district, right? I know the girl who owns the scooter. She always parks it outside the kindergarten."

What a small world Vienna is.

Yesterday I came past the scooter. The gorgeous tinsel is gone by now.

Oh, not to forget the pigeon. #photobombing

Friday, 12 June 2015

Back from Innsbruck


I have been away, on a short trip to Innsbruck and have returned with a SD card full with souvernirs.

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, situated in the Alps. "Tyrol" is a strong brand you probably know. But Innsbruck? Innsbruck is a very enjoyable city. Actually super nice for a week long stay.

Those who know me know: I am not going to show you the main touristic attractions. Therefore please visit

around Bergisel (below: Zaha Hadid's skijump)

traditional (above) and dated (below) housing

details on the way

Mountain architecture:

In the mountains:
The typical summer days comes with a massive cool down at night:

No matter how heavy the thunder storms have been last night, the next day you find yourself at a mountain lake, again. :-)
still life at Lanser See
The architecture reflects everything I like about Innsbruck:
 Innsbruck - highly recommended! Only 4hrs 8min by train from Vienna.

Have a nice weekend!