Monday, 12 May 2014

Our Pets

We don't own any pets, but ... we feed our new friends, the great tits.

During the past 5 weeks we grew very fond of each other.

A lot has changed ever since I brought home the first box of flour worms.

If you would have told me back then, that I would happily pick worms by hand, to put them on my hand, I would have screamed and shoutet "no way! that's so gross!"

5 weeks later I await the birds, crawly worms in my hand.

It is amazing, how little time it takes to get used to gross worms and how fast you learn to understand the birds' sounds.

one goes like this:
"hello, good morning. are you ready to feed me with your yummy worms?"

 another one goes like this:
"ok, so I finished the worms. but honestly, I am still hungry. would it be a bad idea to get some more?"

 and another sounds is really demanding and tells us:
 "hello?! are you serious. where are the worms. quick!

The following photo content is not 100% worm free, so in case worms gross you out, please narrow your eyes to minimize the visual impact.

You can imagine we have plenty of fresh air in the appartment, thanks to open windows.


I like how the white feathers touch the eye at the bottom of the eye. The other bird has dark feathers all around the eyes. I distinguish them by their eyes. 

Sunday morning. The bird is always ready.
 Sunday afternoon, time for a small chat.

I wonder how busy I'm going to be as soon as the young breed is ready to leave the nest. I can imagine their parents know where to guide them.

The carton box got replaced by a plastic box I can remove and clean every other day but it seems the bird prefers my warm hand.
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  1. die letzten beiden fotos sind echt genial. wie schneewittchen :-)

    1. Ich muss immer an Disney denken. :-)

  2. HAMMER!!! Du bist eine Meisenflüsterin! Danke für die tollen ungewöhnlichen Fotos und liebe Grüße zu Dir!!! Bärbel

    1. Inzwischen machen wir schon Selfies! So weit ist es gekommen ;-)

  3. Die Fotos sind wirklich super und die Fotos super süß!
    Ich hab in meiner neuen Wohnung auch schon einen Freund gefunden, ein Eichkatzerl ;)))
    In meinen Lernpausen kommts mal kurz vorbei und wir essen ein paar Nüsse zusammen.

    1. Pass bloß auf Michaela, so schnell kannst du gar nicht schauen, zieht das Eichkatzerl bei dir ein. liebe Grüße! Paula

  4. How wonderful to have a wild creature trusting enough to eat from your hand.

  5. Adorable little "dumplings" :-) and yes, they can have you housebroken in no time! Even arguining with you if you don't supply the food fast enough. My mum feeds them with seeds during the cold months and they come knocking on her window with their beaks if the seeds run low in the bird house. It can get very noisy!

  6. Love how you managed to become friends with the birds!
    That pink house reminds me of one I can see from some of my windows.
    Would be so funny if you lived next to me, but I seem to remember that you live closer in than I do.