Saturday, 11 April 2015

whereabouts: Heldenplatz


During the days before the Vienna City Marathon (tomorrow, April 13), the Heldenplatz in the city center slowly but steadily becomes a marathon village.

The photos show the Heldenplatz before the brands have appeared on the scene. The tents are free from any sign or identity. 

I find the whole white setting interesting, almost ironic, especially the "open corner fences". All in all a lot of truly artificial plastic structures, right in the middle of the historical center of Vienna. 

 Erzherzog Karl, intimidating the tent-vulcano (back: cupola NHM)

 on average days, the Heldenplatz looks more like this (April/2011):

Back to marathon village:
The Heldenplatz is popular among dogs and dog owners.
 The white fences remind me of show jumping.

 sportive infrastucture

 lots of voltage
behind the scenes

In case you plan to visit the Sisi-Museum around the corner of Heldenplatz tomorrow around noon: might be not the best idea. ;-)

Have a nice weekend!

We had our own veritable marathon in a furniture store. Our new sofa is coming closer. For 3 hours, we have been looking at and sitting on various fabric-samples, again and again and again. Did I mention, how the colour blocking almost made us go colour blind?
Such colourful choices, see:

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