Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The end of the line


More squares to come! 

After having finishing the b/w film, I continued with a colour film.
The photos do reflect my approach to the location I pictured 100%. There is nothing exciting. 
You can sense a calm, almost boring atmosphere by looking at the photos. Guess what, that's exactly how it is, the end of the line. 
I am surprised, how soft the colours turned out. I guess I overexposed most of the pictures, maybe the handling of the film at the photo-laboratory did its part, too, altough the scans are much lighter than the original prints, the contrast is also very low.
 2nd photo not as intended ;-)

The 6x6 creates a unique feeling of space. When I look at the photo with the blossoms above, it seems like a picture taken inside a room. The only room that's there is the room formed by the branches of the tree.
On my way to one of the most expensive living areas in Vienna.
Since there are only 12 photos I show them all. Usually I would delete digital photos like the one above and the one below.
Normally you would take photos with the camera mounted on a tripod. 4 pounds and a mirrored view are not really easy to handle. I took al photos with the camera holding the camera in my hands. My right thumb isn't thankful at all.
Another end of the line, almost central. I like this photo, irrespective of its suboptimal exposure. The brownish light comes with the late time, 7.30pm

The next day I was left with one more shot. Soft as you can get:
In case you wonder: Yes, you still find shabby houses like this in Vienna. Gentrification has not taken it all, not yet.

The next film is going to be b/w. 'The package of 5 is sitting on my shelf. 
And the camera? Definitely not going to be a borrowed one. Call me in!


  1. Sehr sehr coole Fotos!!! Wir müssen unbedingt bald eine Fototour machen! :)

    1. Hej, Danke!
      Fototour? Da bin ich sofort dabei! Wenn du wüsstest, von wo ich eben herkomme ... aus der Dunkelkammer! Über Pfingsten gilt es einen 36er Film zu belichten. Wird wohl regennass, macht nix, weil das macht schöne Effekte. :-)

  2. Waaaaas!!!??? Du hast eine Dunkelkammer. Maaaaa. Ist das spannend. Bilder selbst entwickeln. Sehr super!!!

    1. Na, Dunkelkammer noch nicht so wirklich. Einen dunklen Raum habe ich. Das ist schon mal ein Anfang für's Film entwickeln reicht es. Die Urania bietet VHS Kurse an. Nice!

      Der Traum von der Dunkelkammer im Badezimmer ist so alt wie meine erste Kamera. Ziemlich alt. Wie heißt dieses Ding? Bucket List? ;-)

      In Summe ist es viel spannender als jeder Adventkalender je war.

      lieeb Grüße!

  3. Die Fotos sind ganz toll, liebe Paula und zeigen einen ganz neuen Blick auf meine Heimatstadt Wien! Das sind wirkliche Kunstwerke!

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hallo, liebe Nadine!
      Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar! Ich freue mich, dass dir die Fotos gefallen. Bald kommt Nachschub - auch aus dem Westen.
      Heute habe ich das Stativ rund um den (kleinen) Bergisel gezaht. Die Kameras natürlich auch. ;-)