Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Venice Travel Diary Part 3: Travelling With Style


tonight Mr Paula and I returned from Venice. After my lucky trip earlier this year we decided to explore the Lido and Venezia together.

When I was packing my bags back home, I made one decision, which had some impact on the whole trip: I decided against fleece, GoreTex, Sympatex and waterproof jackets. Instead I brought loden, cashmere and new wool. And, most important: no backbag, but a small tiny purse and a shopper. After a week and hours on my feet I can say: the concept was a good one. I enjoyed my unusual non-sportive appearance so much. Or as my friend B said in 2 words: Molto elegante!

Venice, the city where even pizza furnaces come with style. Pictured: il forno at ROSSOPOMODORO near San Marco

I don't know about you and how it makes you feel to be a tourist in a city where the citizens are molto elegante. I enjoyed the fact that my appearance leaned more towards "molto elegante" and less towards "tourist". I guess this photo says it all:

Tourists at the Palazzo Ducale, including me.

Me, casual day, at the Ca' d'Oro, wearing a coat instead of Jack Wolfskin_mammut_Northland_northface_etc_etc
Earlier today at the Lido di Venezia

Me, channeling Bärbel  - Bärbel with a capital B like BOLD in the BEST way :-)
 Those shadows at the Palazzo del Cinema in the morning light were fun.

Me where I belong: on a bike, circling the Lido di Venezia

Yes, thy bike was not my size. So what! ;-p
There was no need at all for any Jack Wolfskin_mammut_Northland_northface_etc_etc gear. I'm glad I've opened this chapter. Many more adventures in style to come, which is probably nothing spectacular to report in your biography, but to me this trip has been setting new standards.

Yep, there is more to say about Venice, which makes this posting Part 1. 
More small adventures to come. 

Before I end Part 1, let me solve one "riddle". 
This is what I have been looking at at the Palazzo Ducale  photo at the beginning of this posting) – another bridge in Venice:

Best wishes,

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