Sunday, 31 December 2017

Earth year complete

We've come a long way. 940 million km to be precise.

During the year I tend to forget the fact, that this planet is not just spinning around its own axis but moves through space. On this day, the last day of the orbit's round my thoughts are circling around the fascinating idea fact of Heliocentrism. Oh yes, I have been to the  Globe Museum in Vienna earlier this week. You can tell. ;-) 

Down we go ... sunsed Dec 31 2017

Round almost completed. Three days until Perihelion

These trees are ready for low temperatures to come.

Now I know the name of the colour of my coat : It's "dry grass" ;-)

At the end the clouds above served as sources of low light. Nice!

Pictures taken earlier today at the Lainzer Tiergarten in Vienna. This has become a tradition, catching the last glimpes of sunlight of the old year in the dusky woods.  

Farewell 2017 & Happy New Year to You!


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