Wednesday, 24 March 2010

shape vs egg-shape

Ok, so this is what this famous Austrian Label wants me to wear:

Paula, you are Austrian, so go and wear this fabric with pride! Like you drink Red Bull and listen to Mozart. ;-)

Well. Back in my 20ies my hip and waist would have had the right shape for posing like the doll in the shop window.
Unfortunately Wolford's price range has always been beyond my limits.
Now, at my late 30's I get closer and start enjoying the legwear.

For the tube-dresses: sorry, I will have to pass it in this life. As long as these are around:

Do you see the tinfoil-covered huge Eggs on the top shelf? They have been around since I went to Kindergarten. I don't know if they are sold worldwide? I always loved the idea, that the "box" was made of chocolate. Maybe I go and get my nieces two of these.


  1. Paula--what's German for "yum!" :D

  2. my niece has a "mmmmmmmh" on her lips, followed by "lecker"

  3. Paula you are so funny! Love the blog!!!