Monday, 29 March 2010

Moda Piu

Let me introduce to you an interesting example of durability.

This "ensemble" has been built in the 1970's, everything about them shouts out 1970's, very very loud: the plant planted around the shops, the shape of the floor (octogons) ...
Look at the crappy entrance of this boutique!

One of these shops has been owned by the same person ever since. The shop is not the bodyshop to the left but "Moda Piu".

It was just until last year that I really noticed the pearls and gems this shop provides:

and many more.

Can you imagine fitting a dress in this place, surrounded by glasfronts and cars driving by and people walking by?
This shop concept is the contrary to exclusive department stores which provide intimacy in their shop-in-shop concepts.

The plants are so miserable!

But even more miserable is the restaurant vis a vis. You would not want to enjoy a café latte after an exhausting afternoon at Moda Piu over here, would you?

Don't get me wrong: I am glad these traces of the past are still around. Not so much for the "Jägerstüberl"-Restaurant .... but the boutique.

PS: sorry for the small pictures, the layout editor and I did not get along very well this time. ;-)


  1. Paula you are so funny! I love that Missoni and those plants are Dreadful!!!

  2. thank you! do you know, this restaurant actually scares me!