Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Hat Ladies

While being on a trip, it is always nice to have something to focus on when taking photos. I met a woman who focused on butterflies. It did not take too long and I had found my personal focus: hats. Crimea is definitely a hat place.
Hat lady in Sevastopol
Hats in Mischor
For the less fortunate the city provides alternatives in a larger scale:
Promenade in Yalta

Hat lady in Cimeis


  1. Sehr gute Idee, mal wieder ein Kopftuch zu tragen. Dein Badeanzug ist so schick!

  2. I never used to notice hats but now I do. I wish you would tell us some impressions you had visiting these places.

  3. it's so nice to see that the culture of hats still lives on in certain parts of the world!
    beautiful photos that make me long to be on a beach somewhere...

  4. Danke bzw. ja, finde ich auch, nakura. Ich liebe den Badeanzug. Er ist Vintage. Die Frau, der er gehörte passst schon lange nicht mehr hinein und so wurde ich beglückt.

    Susan, I left a longer comment on the last posting, "Back in Vienna", it explains a bit and I promise there is more to come. I just need to sort out the picture-loads and provide an online gallery with pics for my family. But then!!

    Ana, you would love Crimea! They dress with style, mothers and daughters walk together and the daughters don't show up with low-cut-jeans and T's but dresses and nice shoes! And all the men are really nicely shaved. ;-)
    How far from a beach do you live? In km it should not be that far. But mountains can turn a short distance into a long drive. Thank you for paying my blog a visit.

  5. Charming place and people!

    I miss wearing hats. I think I'll try again, this time a conservative and discreet cotton sun hat.

    I was thinking of buying slan old antique/collectible* hat pin for my straw hat back in Texas. There was a famous shop in Austin that sold all sorts of old curiosities and trinkets including lovely hat pins.

  6. paula! da ich zZ selber sehr selten am bloggen bin (muss ich wieder ändern) habe ich gerade (leider erst JETZT!) freudig bemerkt, dass dein blog wieder aktiv ist! ich freue mich! werde mir heute zeit nehmen, alles zu durchstöbern! :)

    freudige grüsse :)

  7. Hello, hello everyone!
    I have been on vacation, staycation but I am back and I am really lookings forward to continue blogging. Lots of nice picturestories to come. I am having the best time ever with my camera. Taking pictures became my personal antidote and it always works.

    So meanwhile thank you for your comments.