Friday, 14 June 2013

Back in Vienna


I am back from my trip and spent four intense, beautiful and educating weeks.
Now I am busy converting the RAW files into JPGS.

I did not expect my outfit to match the appearance of ancient chapels that well. I am almost invisible ;-) (Day 1 of our trip - before the tanning set in).

Lunch in a Crim-Tartarian-Restaurant, you sit on cusions. It was an open air restaurant, no windows, just curtains waving in the breeze.
Inside a cellar in a 400-year-old-cave village on a mountain top. Now that I see the photo I realise I jumped on the omnipresent adidas-band wagon. adidas seems to be the only sport-label in the Ukraine.
The only downside during our trip was the fact that bears had been extinct on the Crimea long ago. The bears could not make new friends. Bruno did not seem to mind, Marie-Curie was a bit upset at first.
On our way to the mountains

Unexpected sights in the woods
New settlements, called microregion. Crim-Tartars who had been deported in the Stalin-regime return to the Crimea.
Wild West in the East? Reminds me of old Western Towns: wide streets, no pavement, two-storey-buildings.

I guess you can tell I have been to a country that is very different from my home-country.

How have you been, how are you?


  1. Fascinating photos! I think the restaurant photo is my favorite. Did you learn more about the places you visited or are they still a bit of a mystery?

  2. Welcome back, Paula!

    Agree with Susan -- "fascinating" was the first word that sprung to mind. I'm completely ignorant about this area and look forward to learning a bit more through your photos and writing.

  3. Hi Susan, hi Vix!

    I definitely want to tell you more about this trip. But I am still busy converting photos, uploading them so my family can finally see them, too. Oops. yes this means family comes first.
    What I can say now is that I see many things with different eyes and - what I really like - I became more stress-resistant during the trip. There have been some busrides friends of mine would not have been able to cope with (hot, no seat, too many people on the bus, insane speed, curvy road along the coastline). Especially the heat does not bother me as much as it used to. You remember, last year I escaped to Scotland, to escape the heat.

    But the way things work over there had a bigger impact than anything else. Did you know there are a lot of rules we have to follow in the EC? People "inside" the EC make jokes about those rules, laws and orders. The truth is: I don't think is it funny. We have become very limited in our degrees of freedom to do whatever we want. Actually we can not to whatever we want and now that I experienced a different society I must admit, from time to time it is fun, doing what you want. :-D
    Not that they don't have laws that would forbid this or that. They do have those laws. But .... ;-)
    PS: no, I did not return as a corrupt person. hehe. More to come!
    Two more weeks and our annual staycation at my parent's house starts. This is going to be very nice, as every year.

    Thank you for your interest and for leaving comments, I really enjoy your "company" around here.

  4. Stres-resistant sounds very good. Do that while you can. I used to be like you but now that I am 55 I don't tolerate stuff like that as well, especially the heat. Do you mean EC or EU. Maybe US people call it EU and Europeans call it EC? I am confused. But I wouldn't care for having a lot of rules. For some reason I was under the impression the places you visited had plenty of rules but I must be wrong.

    I will look forward to more, but take your time posting. Blogging should never feel like an obligation.

    Paula, we just announced Martin's first shirt design and are hoping to get feedback on the design. If you have time to visit and tell us what you think about the design I would love to have your feedback. The link is here:

    But again, there's no hurry and please don't feel obligated to visit.

    Enjoy your staycation!

  5. Your fist published pictures from Ukraine look really interesting. This country is also on my bucket list. Maybe next year there is time to visit it? I hope so! :-)

    Welcome back home!