Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Zero Waste Homemade Almond milk - Part 1

 Soak 1/2 cup of almonds overnight.
Rinse the almonds and add 1,5 to 2 cups of fresh water.
Oh! A vegan aquarium! Now blend.
Blend until you hear no more "chopping sounds"
Admire your work
Transfer the liquid (+ the almond nibs and bits) into a mesh beg. 
This one is a laundry-mesh-bag. They are practically the same as "milk-mesh-bags".
Simply buy a new mesh bag, so it will be free from any stink of socks and dirty laundry. 
Laundry mesh bags cost a fraction compared to trendy "milk-mesh-bags" sold in vegan online-stores.
Milk the mesh bag. photocredit: Mr Paula
The milking takes about 1 minute. 
You decide how hard you squeeze, the harder you squeeze the drier the pulp.
Amazing. Actual MILK!!
You see tiny dusty bits of almond on the bottle's neck. 
You could use I fine sieve to hinder those from ending up in your coffee.
 I pour the milk without a sieve. I don't mind the almond "dust" in my cup.
Since we drink frenchpress-coffee (=some parts of the grinded coffee always end up in the mug),

I prefer to make a small amount of milk (350ml) since the almond milk seperates as it sits in the bottle and I don't want to trade my freshly almond milk for old almond milk.

If you are on the sweet side, ad a date before blending. Vanilla works perfectly fine, too.
If you keep themilk over night, you willl need to stir/mix it the next morning.

Mr Paula was surprised how little effort it is.  And almond milk-hot chocolate = HEAVEN.
It blends very well with Irish breakfast tea. 

Any questions?

xo Paula

Part 2 will focus on the leftover pulp. Come back tomorrow for more information!


  1. Yummy! I'm tempted to try this. Martin buys almond milk in cartons but it is expensive.

    1. Good point! It is way cheaper. There are so many advantages. My Almond milk contains min. 10% almonds, whereas storebought almond milk has an average of 2%! (Alpro). Sugar is listed before the almonds, which means Alpro's almond-drink contains more sugar than almonds. Should be sold as 'Sugarmilk' ;-)
      Homemade almond milk not only contains more almonds, but also is so much cheaper! Part 2 might convince you to give it a try. In case the 'milking' didnot convince you yet. hehe.
      How comes Martin drinks almond milk?

  2. you make it look so easy :-) I'm tempted to try. And since I have some muslin in my sewing stash, I can make my own "fancy" mesh bag.

    1. this was one reason, why I wanted to post this: because it IS easy. Surprisingly easy. Nothing compared to homemade cocos-yoghurt.
      btw: I altered the recipe a bit: 1,5 to 2 cups of water. I noticed I prefer the milk more on the "creamy", richer side.