Friday, 7 February 2014

Rejuvenating during lunch break

On busy days I usually start off my lunch break with a plate of fruits. After finishing the plate I see how much hunger is actually left.
An orange, an apple and the remains of a pomegranate. 

Those of you who have not peeled and picked a pomegranate before should really give this fruit a try. It is a quite sensational fruit to me. Picking pits from a pomegranate fruit adds isometric training qualities to your lunch break, having spent hours at the computer desk.

Only if there weren't the sucking part. Sucking the juice and flesh from the cores of the pits just is not socially acceptable. I am fully aware, that swallowing pomegranate pits is totally acceptable for millions of people. Just not for me, Paula – aka The Princess and the Pea.

Now that I suck the seeds, I notice how this social unacceptable behaviour provides isometric training effects as well. It is quite challenging for the facial muscles. Rosy plump cheeks as a result. I bet you won't recognize me after my lunch break.

While I am happily making faces. loading my mouth with more spoonfuls of pomegranates, I wish you a nice weekend!



  1. straffe gesichtsmuskeln halten das gesicht auch faltenfrei bis ins hohe alter.
    :-) mahlzeit

  2. Looks delicious :-)