Saturday, 1 February 2014

1 in, 1 out


for weeks I have been circling around the idea of getting this boot repaired. The sole is still in a mint condition, but the zipper broke. For the 2nd time in 3 years to be precise.

The first time the zipper broke, the boot was still new and the shoestore repaired it for free. Not this time. 1cm (about half an inch) costs 1 EUR. This zipper is 22cm long, equals 22 EUR. Hm. 22 EUR for just one boot, with a ticking time bomb on the right boot (yes, another old zipper).
These crunched boots could easly sum up to 44 EUR - for worn (out) boots with fine soles. 

How can a simple zipper become such an issue? You can tell, I don't easily turn goods into trash. I recently mentioned the boot-case to my parents. My father laughed out. His reply: "That's why I never buy boots with zippers, because they tend to break!"

I feel the need to do zippers justice: Not ALL boot zippers break. Those with dilettante linings, that get in the way of the zipper, do for sure.

It is not that I can't afford those 22 EUR or 44 EUR. It just does not feel right to invest in crunched boots. On the other hand it also does not feel right to trash boots only because one zipper is broken. A dilemma? Not any longer. The boots made their way into the trash bin. Add a [somehow therapeutical ;-) ] posting: problem solved.

In case you can't read the title of today's posting: 1 in, 1 out refers to my shopping principle #1: Every time something new makes it to the household, something old has to go. This principle allows any apartment to stay calm and clutter free. If you want to move towards minimalism you might want to try "1 in, 2 out".
In case you have not tried neither of these, I recommend giving it a try.

On to the living room.

The manifestation of our sofa-quest.

To the left you see our sofa. approx. 40 years old. I have been sitting on this sofa ever since I was able to sit. Back then my feet did not touch the ground yet.

To the right you see the replacemet for the old sofa. Unfortunately it did not stand the test. It was impossible to slouch on the sofa. It supported only an upward, straight and stiff sitting position, with your hands on your knees.

I feel a bit sad that "us and the new sofa" did not work out, because the sofa did deliver some slapstick qualities to our home. Everytime time Mr Paula and I dropped on the new sofa, it bounced us back, almost like a trampolin, leaving us in laughter. Ok, not nearly like a trampolin but you get the picture, right?

Now that I think about it I realize how much a sofa has in common with shoes: new shoes rarely are as comfortable as old pairs. Did I tell you how little I enjoy buying shoes? I guess we will slouch on the old couch a little longer.
Paula and the Autoharp, 1975

Have a fun weekend!


  1. You're right not all zippers break but the price for fixing it is outrageous. It's just another one of those schemes where they force you to buy a new product :-( sometimes there is a way around it sometimes there isn't.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. you say it: a way around. Sometimes the work around just won't work. ;-)