Saturday, 12 July 2014

whereabouts: Schönbrunn Gardens


time for some new old whereabouts. Schönbrunn is nothing new on this blog. So I thought I might present a lesser known side, the one which is north of the palace.  

During the summer season Schönbrunn is quite crowded day in day out. In case you have been to Schönbrunn, you are probably familiar with a sight like this one:

The following sights a probably lesser known. It took us decades to discover these less familiar places North of the palace:
A barn, not what I expected!

The garden management is located at the periphery of the gardens. It looks like a village within the garden area:
above: road marking in Schönbrunn. Not quite symmetric as it seems.

This cottage looks nothing like Vienna:

In case you plan a visit in Schönbrunn gardens: no need to be afraid of the crowds as you can tell from these photos.
And in case it gets hot, I recommend a visit at the public pool which is also located inside the garden area. The gardens are free of charge. The public pool charges an admission fee, a fair one.

What else has been going on?
Last week I totally merged into the Bachmannpreis competition in Klagenfurt, Carinthia. 13 writers competed for the prestigious Bachmannpreis.

I picked up my passport which now contains a beautiful Russian visa.  I also spent a decent time in other parks, besides Schönbrunn.

While watching these sportive young men I wondered why on earth I need to travel 1000km to learn more about Russian culture, when I can find it around the corner, in central Vienna. Maybe this is not typically Russian at all, but a global phenomen which took longer to arrive in Vienna?

Speaking of sports: I successfully completed this year's round of Couch25k. I crossed the 30min limit weeks ago. Last run: 1h06min. And I am still enjoying every single step.

Enjoy your next steps, they await you!

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