Monday, 21 July 2014

whereabouts: Donauinsel at km 8.3

A few years ago, quite late actually, I started to discover the hidden qualities in/within/around and along the Neue Donau (= New Danube).We used to stay at the Alte Donau (Old Danube), were public beaches attract thousands of people. In the past I did not feel comfortable with the idea of no shower afterwards, the idea of leaving my stuff on the beach, with no locker available, while I am off for a swim. And then there was the strong concept the Neue Donau as the place for white trash, including ghettoblasters and lots of alcohol, whereas academics stayed at the Alte Donau, reading the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in the shade. Shade is a big issue: choosing the Alte Donau over the Neue Donau for the past decades was due to the absence of shade. In the early years, the trees planted on the Donauinsel were still small and did not provide enough shade.

I am quite certain you have similar demarcations in home town. Now I sit here and shrug my shoulders, because I have to admit, today, in 2014, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Neue Donau. 
The un-organised quality is appealing. Apparently you find a very respectful atmosphere, people know how to behave. The media tells different stories, the ones my parents read which makes them worry (including alcohol, gangs and knives) every time I tell them I am/was enjoying myself at the Neue Donau. 

You can tell, I am biased, so I let the pictures tell the rest of the story:
 The stream is actually a basin, designed for flood protection.
The Donauinsel (=danube island) was built to enclosure the water and approx. 40 years after its construction the plants conquered the island, leaving us with plenty of space for a Sunday chill out.  
Some of you probably would not want to spend a Sunday afternoon within the sight of a railway bridge. All I can say is this bridge was my personal highlight of the spot where we rested. I enjoyed every single train that passed on the bridge. I also don't mind the concrete slipway. The youngesters gathered on the slipway, nice to watch.
More industrial structures: a photogenic chimney for example. 
 RU = rechtes Ufer (right riverbank), km 8.3

8.3km further down the island the island comes to an end. I have been there! :-) ... not today. 
These km-numbres are very handy. With the numbers you can easily arrange a rendez vous with a friend. Just send the text message with the km-number, and your friend knows where to find you. As long as you check your mobile phone for new incoming messages. (harhar) 
This view reminded me of Dunkeld-Birnam, Perthshire, Scotland. Seriously!

Those, who are afraid of plans, stay away:
 Not the first and not the last eye candy during our stay.
The small "arch" was the perfect aid for those (like me) who used the ladder to get into the water.
 The path is in a mint condition, inviting for inline skaters and bicyclists. 

I had planned to take more photos of the structures and less nature. The nature was so inviting and the afternoon so relaxed ... structures have to wait. Except for one, dating back to the late 1980s:
 The rowing centres looks outdated.
 This recent structure might be outdated in a few years, just like the rowing centre:
Above thousands of cars drive on one of the major highways in Vienna, actually THE major highway. Below we cycle, on our way home ... the weather has changed and no one wants to get wet, at least not outside the water.
Not much later and we are back in the city centre, right before the rain set in.


  1. Danke Du Liebe, das ist ja einfach ganz wunderbar! In Gedanken sitze ich gerade neben Euch am Donau-Ufer und hänge die Beine ins Wasser. Ich habe eine Kühltasche mit Berliner Weiße in ROT im Gepäck! Na? Ist das ein Angebot? Herzliche Grüße von Berlin nach Wien! Bärbel

  2. Das ist ja eine geniale Idee mit den Kilometer-Markern als Treffpunkt :) Danke, dass Du Deine wundervolle Neuentdeckung hier so anschaulich geteilt hast, ich fühle mich gleich selber ganz erfrischt!

    Alles Liebe von Rena aus Bayern

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  3. It looks as though you need to be a very competent swimmer to be safe here. Now I'd like to see some photos of the Old Danube area so that I can compare. I don't mind swimming through reeds and vegetation as long as I know that there's nothing ghastly lurking in there - but you can never be sure!!