Saturday, 27 June 2015

Guided by a Girl

I don't know about your home towns, parks and squares, but in Vienna you find so called "Baulückenparks": former empty building lots, which have been transformed into parks – most of have been design in the 1980's and 90's.

The reason why I came to the park with my camera in the first place: 
the rooftop-structure reminds me of a boat in a dry dock.

Today I visited the park with my camera and it did not take long and I found company. I little girl, Katherina, joined me on my tour in the park. She happily pointed at scenic spots - spots she considered being worth being pictured, f.e. this blue colour on a wooden bench:

It is amazing, how good kids are at imitating. The girl had approached me and asked "Why do you take this picture?"

My answer: "I take this picture, because in my eyes, this is an interesting wall. The colour is beautiful, I like the blue and the yellow".

Not much later I found myself next to her, and listening to her words: "See, this is beautiful, I like this colour. Take a picture, it is a beautiful colour". Call her in :-)

Adult choice: The little girl was fond of the black and blue contrast.
 One rare, since not overly designed corner in a Viennese park

 Imagine Christo

 The structures you find in a park a useful. This stand provided an elevated angle, luxurious!

 Dogs everywhere ;-)

The girl's favourites:
No generation without Air Jordan. Haha!

There is a reason why I pictured only Katharina's hand and feet: She wanted me to take a photo of her, too. I explained to her, that I won't take a photo without her mother's or father's permission.

Btw, it is amazing how fast you can become friends with kids as soon as you slow down, they approach you. Taking your time is playful. We all play in our own way.

Looking at these photos, taken on a Saturday afternoon at 6pm, you see, there is almost nothing going on. Which is good! I appreciate this down time, in terms of sensations, because one week from today I am going to wake up in a different time zone, in a different climate, with a different language and uncommon places ... One word: Siberia.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Ohhh. Wenn ich das richtig lese dann bist du schon in Serbien.
    Urlaub oder Beruf?
    Gefällt es dir?
    Liebe gruesse.

    1. Ich bin wieder zurück, von Sibirien! Serbien wäre sicher auch spannend!

      Weißt du was schräg war: als ich jungen Russinen meinen Blog mit den Fotos aus Wien gezeigt habe und Wien irgendwie ... schräg aussah. Die werden sich jetzt was denken, über Wien. ;-)

      Die Zeit in Russland war super, ich freue mich schon darauf, die Fotos und Erfahrungen auf dem Blog mitzu-teilen. Jetzt muss ich mal Platz auf der Festplatte für die Fotos freischaufeln.

      liebe Grüße!

  2. These "Baulückenparks" look very interesting! Next time, when I am in Vienna, I will focuse on them. I think, there are a lot of interesting things to discover there. :-)

    1. The mood in these parks is very "local". Best to be visited on a late afternoon/early evening. Then you can experience the real life of the Grätzel. :-)