Sunday, 4 September 2016

Cleaning Out The Closet


A fair amount of my belongings suits a "me" that has nothing in common with the actual "me" that I am. Sounds complicated? I let the pictures speak for themselves. 

All the items pictured below have been gifts in one way or the other. 

not me (I would not mind the consercative Loden, but it's impossible to wear while riding a bike)
not me (if only my friends would marry more frequently)

not me (table ware for a very romantic couple)
unfortunately not me

Let me show you some more eyecandy, since this cuff is such a nice vintage gem:
there is "me" -> in the background, the leg wearing grey trackpants. haha
I don't know. Am I really that hard to satisfy *sigh* I would love to receive gifts that make me as happy as the person who chose the gift.

As a consequence I've developed a skill gift over time: the gift of being able to gift myself, which is not something that can be taken for granted.

"me", to my surprise ("Balade en Berline")
There are many ways how to successfully clean out a closet. My new strategy is simple and effective: Get something new and beautiful. It will develop a magical anti-magnetism and shoo away all those old unloved items, that have been sitting in your closet far too long. It works. Even with the stuff that comes with emotional strings attached.

40 years ago I loved to hide under my mothers cape (1st photo) during cold winter days, while we were waiting for the train. Like penguins, maybe.

Happy Autumn Season!


  1. Oh, I love the wonky plates! Heels and capes are tricky to wear but the bracelet looks good on your wrist. I'm HOPELESS when it comes to de-cluttering.

    1. I find support in an online forum, sharing is encouraging. If I can come up with at least 1 outfit with the cuff, I'm going to keep it. I have been doing my homework (a bit late, I know), and read that Chanel is known for iconic costume jewellery.