Saturday, 3 September 2016

Venice Travel Diary 2: Eyecandy


Before I went to Venice in May, I checked out a recent Bond movie, since I had no clue about Venice. In "Casino Royale" (2006) James and his love cross the lagoon. In the movie the lagoon looked fake. I was certain the images were rendered, because I lacked the imagination that Venice today could be anything like a Sean Connery-1960's idylle. 

Well ... I was wrong, because Venice does look like a 1960's idylle: 

Venice, May 2016

You know this feeling, when you feel an emotion in your chest, when the beauty all around you is overwhelming: sight, breeze, sound, scents. Perfect, perfect moment.  

The waterbus route Lido-Arsenale is fantastic. While crossing the lagoon with the waterbus (Vaporetto) you get to see 360° eyecandy. 

Venice, May 2016

Aperol time at the Arsenale aka 5pm

Museo Storico Navale and chique men
Venice – City of Lions

Not a myth: boys playing soccer on a church square in the evning
There is a 2nd ball flying through the air, can you spot it?
(not pictured: the boys' grannies sitting on a bench under a tree, chatting)  

Waterbus stop in Venice. NOT static.

Italo-modern architecture always catches my eye

Lido di Venezia on the brink of high season
I have no idea, why no one was interested in the Lido in the evening end of May. Oh wait, I forgot ... San Marco. Rialto. Cafe Florian. Harry's Bar. Canale Grande.

Downtime at the Lido di Venezia
Late May the Lido becomes a candidate for a "whereabouts in Venezia" categorie

A night out in Venice aka "Germans know how to party." 
sidenote: waterbusses cross the lagoon all night long 
Projects are keeping me busy this weekend, that's why I don't tell long stories and leave you with this eyecandy ...

... and a Baci,

Kodak Portra 160/camera YashicaMat124G
JPGs out of cam/Sigma DP2 Merrill


  1. I've said it before and shall very likely say it many times more, Venice is my favourite city. I took the family there for my seventieth birthday several years ago and it was as fabulous as ever, even in the rain!

    1. Tourists (me included) love Venice for many reasons. Resting the sore legs on a vaporetto for 15 min is part of the fun. :-)