Friday, 30 December 2016

A Farewell to 2016

Snowman / inspired by Michael

Hello, dear readers!

It's about time ... to say farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017. My 2016 has been throughout gentle and supportive. Sigh. Too bad it ends tomorrow night. I will keep 2016 in good memory.

Looking around, hearing other people's stories, I must have been very, very lucky to experience such a good time in 2016.
Thank you, 2016!

Now that all the photo calenders have successfully been passed to all my friends and family, I can show in public what 2016 was like. I removed photos that include portraits. Still, 2016 is looking good.

January 2016 in Maria Alm

Vienna in February

Lido di Venezia in the Fall

Italianità, this time Pellestrina, close to the Lido di Venezia
Lido di Venezia in Fall season, faking Spring. hehe

Venezia as seen from S. Giorgio Maggiore

The village of Fresach seen upside down. turned 180°. You geet it? ;-)

Staycation, my Love.

A typical vacation looks like this.

Carinthia in October

Carinthia in November

Cemetery in Fresach

The lagoon in Venice was meant to become the month of Decembe, until ...
... well until snow fell just a few days before Christmas. Success!

The photos picture the gentle air of 2016.
There is a lot of water, almost no mountains. What an unusual year!

Hope to see you in 2017,


  1. Fantastic images, Paula! I really love the Maria Alm landscape. I love the fresh snow which looks to be only disturbed by the local wildlife against the backdrop of the mountain range, so serene.

  2. It was very good year. New hip, new vigour, almost dancing... Now, that 2017 is only a memory as well, can't wait to get into gear for 2018.