Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Highly Efficient?


I have been having a good time lately. A good health plays a big role. So far no cold, no flue has caught me. The days have been incredibly sunny, almost everyday we have blue skies. Maybe not all day long but at least for a few hours.

Spirits are high, perfect time for mastering a new hobby. Calligraphy. Also known as: The slowest possible mode to reach a goal called "sending Christmas cards" by the end of this week.

Lets get started .. by looking at nice photos. Almost like watching YouTube tutorials. Well, more like looking at thumbnails. Still, entertaining.
 Whoa, progress!
The progress I will have made by the time I reach page 19 - vertical strokes - brings up the idea of binary Christmas greetings. Yep, I could do that. Just give me 2 days. Maybe 3.

This is how I manage to write and ship Christmas Cards by the end of this week. NOT. ^_^
The first word on page 41. How cool is that! "ma". Need to get to make it to 41 Probably not tonight. 
As a true serial hobbyist, I don't "just do it". Getting ready is an important step. These days you get ready by watching YouTube videos (people who write letters aka Calligraphy), reading book reviews on amazon, watching more videos (All those nibs! The pretty inks!) and a few nights later it's done. Well, should I say "the set up is done"? 11 days till Christmas. Chances are that cards will make it ... until New Year's Eve maybe?

Not only is the craft art of calligraphy tricky, but the writing as such is tremendously sloooooow. Hahaha.

Before I took up this new hobby, I spend an eveneing speed-painting:
Very, VERY important utensil, not pictured: Michael's YouTube tutorials.
4 cards per evening. aka Christmas cards, the highly efficient way to do it. This was fun.
I want to give June, The Serial Hobbyist Girl full credit for the term I just can't stop repeating, because I like it so much: Serial hobbyist. This woman knows how to do a FOX HAT! And not just fox hats and mittens and sweaters ... I think I might have found her through - Black and White photography! Welcome to our world, the world of serial hobbyists.

Now to you: There must be more of our kind? Come clean, share your hobbies, please.
No passion too short-lived to be loved from the bottom of your inner child's heart. 

Spend your evening with passion and fun,


  1. Ha ha, calligraphy for Christmas cards!! Ready for Christmas 2017 perhaps? I've made many pages of calligraphy in the past, all the lines carefully ruled, the letters going well, then oops, just one letter goes wonky and the whole thing is spoilt. This year I've printed off photos for my cards and dusted them with silver glitter. Quick and easy but still personal.

    1. Glitter! Dusting! This is the way to go. :-D
      Your comment brings back memories - my youngest niece heavily dusting our living room the night before Christmas, for the sake of cards for each and every familiy member. Not to forget the glue. haha.
      PS: Calligraphy took a turn, a short report is already on the way.