Thursday, 16 September 2010

Green, Purple and Kahlo

Hi dear reader!

Here you see some of the plants growing in front of my windows. The grass is about 3 feet long!
I am sure you know the feeling when the autumn sun meets the eye ...

... bliss
... heartbeat

Plants equals maintenance. My brother-in-law will look after window-plants soon to prepare them for the winter chills to come.

Another kind of mainentance looks like this:

Usually when 3 people work at a construction site, it means 1 working / 2 watching.
Here we can see 1 working and 2 watching, but something is different!

The garden is in front of the museum of natural history in Vienna. I captured this moment on my way to the office, after having started this day with a breakfast together with Friend H at the cutest place you could imagine for a rendezvous with one your friends: Orlando di Castello. (if you click on one photo once you clicked on the link, you can click through the album) We had breakfast together once and the architect, who designed the place, joined us, what we particullary enjoyed. I also enjoyed the LV-Damier-Geant purse in Anthracit he brought along. Actually we went there already several times! As this posting proves. The place is one of the rare non-smoking-only-places in Vienna. After kicking off with only women who drink prosecco meanwhile you find a pleasant mix of consultants, best friends, politicians from any party and us! Friend H will send pics from the breakfast, I might update this posting!

From our table we could watch as the early birds lined up for an exhibition as soon as it opened:

Inside would be plenty of place but they prefer having the crowd line up outside. Which makes the exhibition become a go-go place. How clever!

Just a around the corner I found this marvellous long dress in a shop window. It managed to expand my vocabulary: sequin.

Blighty, hope you like it!
Sure the left one would suit you. Dresses like this look best on petite women. But it is the left one that caught my eye. Probably because I chose Blake L. to be my 15-years-younger-than-me-rolemodel, follwing Poppisima's recs. Since it seems impossible to end the italic-mode I rather end HERE.

Friend H emailed my silly Brigitte B.-impression with a wild hair-do this morning:
Sweater: Armor Lux; Hand posture: VIPosture, as if I was wearing the last Chanel Particulière available on planet earth. The truth is I am wearing NailTek II.


  1. I saw you had a new post up but needed to save it for when I had time to luxuriate [<-- possible new word for you? it's like what you do with your fancy bath products!] in it.

    As always, you never fail to deliver a laugh. So true about the construction team and Blake in sequins (though when, not if, you buy it you will have to shorten it to upper thigh!). Not to mention the "BB impression" crack.

    ps Loved the ponytail in the last, it's so Blake AND Marc!

  2. Lisa, Amor Lux never lets me down! This time it was Mr Paula, who mentioned the red-white stripe shirt would match the look of the café. If only he would enjoy accompanying me when I go shopping. He has the perfect sense for style and fasion.

    Vix, now you brightened up my day after a pre-harvest-moon-nearly-sleepless night.
    Again I find something in common: I rather post no new posting until having the enough time to luxuriate in my blog. Yay, luxuriate :)
    Since scrapping is my new "other" passion besides the many passions, living with many Virgos and Libras close, I spend the nights creating cards I lack a bit of time for this blog.

  3. Dear Paula, yes I love that little purple dress, i would wear it to watch my boys play rugby in the rain! You look lovely in your stripey sailor top, and you have lovely hair. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog, I feel very honoured!xx

  4. Dear Blighty, I will keep you update with dresses that catch my eye! Meanwhile the sailor-shirt turned out to be a real winner. Yesterday evening it accompanied my to the opening of the Vienna Design Week. Among all the black and grey and greige people I felt very comfortable adding a bit of colour to the event.