Thursday, 23 September 2010

Working with Flowers - Part 2

My colleague G and I share the same room. And here you can find this birthday-bouquet my colleague received today. It is her birthday. Harvest Moon, beginning of autumn and the birthday - 3 in one. How special!

The bouquet is stunning and very beautiful. Only G won't be in the office til Monday. But she might check in and see this photo :)

I don't write a lot about my work environment. Since I took this picture today, I might as well show it to you! :)
We held a jury. It was the final event after a long process of entries, starting in March!

Here you can, how we in Austria hold a jury. Well, at least as long as I am responsible for the event.
There is Guglhupf, Zwetschkenkuchen (a great word if you want to tie a know in your tongue while mastering German) and of course coffee.

You can be sure, the Zwetschkenkuchen-platter was empty by the time we elected the winners.

The funny, coloured points on the rear wall are magnets, they've tacked all the entries of the first round on the wall. The alignment of the magnets reminds me of a star-sign. Maybe Virgo. Or Libra?

Man I'm tired.
Maybe I will watch an episode of United States of Tara. Or rather take a hot soothing bath. Or both!

xoxo (I KNOW, I should watch less Gossip Girl)

PS: just in case you wonder why I named this posting "... - Part 2", here you can find Part 1.


  1. The bouquet is beautiful! I love how you described it! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. The bouquet and pastries/cake are gorgeous, but I want a shot of that table the next time you are in Office Sharing mode!

  3. amanda, thank you for leaving a message! Lets hope the blossoms are still doing fine tomorrow, Monday, when G returns to the office.

    Vix, hmm, Office Sharin? I only know Desk Sharing so far. Please explain!

    btw: now I know, why I felt sooo tired when I wrot this posting last thursday: Mr Paula succeeded in passing over his cold to me. My body probably already knew back then. Now I know, too. *achoo*

  4. Gorgeous flowers & pastries!


  5. Thank you Paula for joining my blog followers : ) !!