Saturday, 11 September 2010

Thank you Marc Jacobs for the pony tail.

It has never been so easy to follow the latest trend. pony tail it is!

Since I am already creating this new posting I might as well tell you I believe there are little other countries which build single-family-houses the way the Austrians do. I have been watching Kirstin and can hardly believe how people in the US simply put a house on soil. OK, it is a garage, not a house, but still ... fascinating, very fascinating. A house without a concrete-cellar (which costs half the house btw!) would be something to be ashamed of around here. At least you could risc that your parents would not like to talk to you for a looong time. And your new neighbours would surely brand you as the new neighbours who are short of money.
It's very complicated.

So, greetings to you who think and live differently! Inspiring you are!


  1. Couldn't agree more. Got mine in now:). Ponytail that is. I have no basement either, only a concrete slab. And feel no shame at all...

  2. I saw Rachel Zoe tweeted today that she loves a ponytail for Fall. And was very happy to hear it :)

  3. F/W 2010 seems to becone a promising season. I even wore make up, including the purple eyeshadow on the lid and around the waterline, something I haven't done in a long time.

    Lisa, I read on you blog how much you enjoy the air these days. This is by far my favourite season.

    sparrowsandsparkles, only downside of this trend: the roots hurt in the evening, when you loosen the pony tail. ouch!!

  4. Love your blog and like this post. However, I'd like to point out that it is not permitted to just build a house on soil in the US. Few homes may lack deep cellars or basements, but all homes and most garages are built on a concrete footing at least.