Thursday, 7 October 2010

What I have on my mind and like to share with you!

Today's posting is actually similar to a typical Simpson's episode: starts off with a storyline but after approx. 1.30 min the story develops in a different direction. Have you ever been aware of that?

Well, here come the first 1.30 min:

Mr Paula accompanied me what very seldom is the case when I shopped a black or navy (was still undecided when I left the house) cashmere sweater. I was shopping in the Gentlemen's-section, since the women's sleeve are too short when it comes to cashmeres and the V-neck is way too large (I don't to show off my boobs, I prefer the neat V-neck).

So Mr Paula did not feel totally misplaced in the Gent's-section. The SA was well educated (checked the proper lenght of the sleeves) and to my surprise not being pushy at all. By the time I made my decistion (which was surprisingly fast) the SA was not around anymore, already folding sweaters at another counter in the store. I approached him and handed the sweater over to him, asking him if he wouldn't like to put a code/tag or anything on it before I head towards the cashier. Can you imagine his smile?

Usually, the SA circle around you in the most annoying way, waiting for your decision so they can grasp the item and long for the commission. The worst SA are those, who did not serve or help you at all, but check you out from the corner of their eyes and head towards you, as soon as you walk towards the cashier, to grasp the commission.

This SA today helped me. He did not get on my nerves by circling around me when I wasn't in need of his help. I like the fact that there is a way you can show employees with this little gesture you appreciate their service. He was really happy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Now the posting develops in another, new direction.
The rest of this posting will be on Avoiding and Recommending:
* * * * * * * * * * * *

1. Avoid navy blue cotton when you don't want to feel sorry for your goods!

I love navy blue. But I must warn you. Don't fall for navy cotton. I love navy blue and I love cotton. But the two together won't make me happy on the long run.
The dark blue fades, so does black.
You could dye your cotton wardrobe from time to time or go with grey from the beginning.
There is reason, the brand Champion chose grey as their signature colour. It remains in a perfect state.

The miserable life of a navy blue cotton hat. You might like the look I don't. :-p

2. avoid lipgloss when visiting the hairdresser
Hair will stick to your lips when you put lipgloss on. What a mess! Especially when the stylist tries do give you a nice haircut.
The better choice would be a lip primer with some lip-liner color. Simple as that, tinted and perfect. Your stylist will be appreciate it!

3. Don't trash empty, half-full or useless nailpolish bottles!
You can easily clean them with any cheap nailpolosh remover, just add a little remover in the bottle, shake shake shake and empty the bottle. I empty it onto paper towels, since I don't want to pour nailpolish in the drain. Does not feel eco-save. Repeat if necessary. Rinse the bottle and brush with water et voila: you have the clean, empty nailpolish bottle.

You don't now what to use it for?
a) pour half the bottle of nail-treatment and keep it in your office-desk. An easy way to take care of your nails during coffee-breaks at work, works great for any woman who does not find the time after work or in the busy morning at home.
b) pour one third of your nailpolish into the empty bottle and keep it in your office desk. If nailpolish chips during the day, you can easily make a touch up without having to carry the original bottle from home to office and back home. The secondary bottle simply stays at the office.

4. If you live in a place like I do with limited place in the drawers and closet, you probably need to switch your winter / summer wardrobe twice a year. I store the seasonal clothes in 2 large boxes which I put on the top shelf of the closet.

This year I decided doing it the Stepford-wife-way for the first time ever. Well actually the ladies from The Laundress recommend to do it this way. First check if everything is stainfree and iron every piece before folding it into the box. This might be standard for your. Well for me it was a total new experience since I always iron my clothes before I put them on. Ironing a whole box for storage?
You may not notice this at first glance, but this is exceptional! A wall in the appartment where you can see the wall from the ceiling down to the floor. I could make a hand-stand (if I removed the ironing-board). We use(d) to live with "covered" walls: covered with book-shelves, closets, sideboards etc.

It feels great, slowly piling up the shirts in the box and at the end there was still room in the box because everything lay there very neat and flat.
Of course I only recommend this action for any rainy weekend.
Why did I enjoy this so much? I could feel how I value the clothes I own. Each and every piece. This action took place after several decluttering-moves in 2010!

5. Celebrate! Anytime. Just do it .

This picture goes out to my "seperated twin", Vix from the Northpacific-region:
this is not a fake but the real state of the top of my chest of drawers since last sunday!
Vix, come over, quick. I can't handle it!


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  2. Alas, I did not get excited about the ironing...but the pastry at the end was a different story!

    We've had such warm weather I am only now evaluating what warm-weather stuff shouldn't be put away for next year. So I do congratulate you on your industriousness!

    [Does it count that I went through my many many pairs of black tights and removed the ones that were hopelessly ripped? I hope so.]

    ps Congrats on the new sweater. And the salesperson, ha.

  3. Mr Lonely, your profile left a mark ... never heard of anyone comparing himself with tofu before. I am happy to read you like my blog!

    Vix, your posting encouraged me to edit yesterday's posting. Plese take a look at the bottom of the posting. :-))