Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Vienna Design Week ... PartyPartyParty

Hi again!

Welcome Blighty!
I am happy to know you following this blog! Sorry, today no dresses, but they will return soon, promised!

The facade of the Palais Liechtenstein, still owned by the prince (German: Fürst) of Liechtenstein (picture:

just in case anyone was wondering "Where the heck is Paula and what is she up do?": I am in town! But can't remember having spent as little time at home as I have done during the last week. The Vienna Design Week started and every day and night many events take place.
Usually we stay at home, watching 30ROCK and that's it. I really like the state of cruising through the city after work and visiting several events.

Mr Paula and I like to start an evening during Design Week while listening to an inspiring lecture:
The cinema looks spooky, the woman on stage is Inga Sempé. She is very funny. Really funny. Good job, Inga!

After the lecture we visited the Design Night at the Museum Applied Arts and I must confess we totally did not get it. Not at all. Boring! And no drinks. At least not for free!

You get a good impression what young emerging designers in Austria look like!

ok, this was actually cute.

Since the strange happening bored us, we payed the permanent exhibition in the basement a visit:
Tableware, colour: Neon, about 100 years old

And of course the replica of Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky's Frankfurt Kitchen:
just in case you have never heard about it, please google her ! Or take a look here

And finally we gathered with this crowd and watched how a machine does the job any passionate hand could do

It would not be as much fun, doing this with your own hands

On the way home I checked out the shopwindow of the shop which specialises on wet shaving. My father who is really taking great care of my mum deserves a treat!
Don't worry I did not buy the Swarovski-edition brush!

Sometimes I wish my father would know and enjoy those shops as much as I do!

Oh, it's already time for the next event, the opening of an exhibition:

Can you see me? this is a picture of the room above the hall where the opening of this exhibition took place:

Everybody is getting ready for the opening

These guests did not meet the average age of the visitors.

I liked this lamp:
The designer is a woman, Megumi Ito. Or as she would say: Ito Megumi.

Funny, it was totally crowded there but I did not take a single picture of the crowd.
The exhibition is on Design made in Vienna, between 2000 and 2010. We enjoyed meeting many friends, among them L, who did not know about my blog before. I must send her the link!

As you can tell we don't catch a lot of daylight these days.
I recently started watching Mad Men. I enjoy it, Mr Paula is bored to death. I enjoy it because it is slow, takes its time and: they were clever enough to sew the Kennedy-campaign of 1960 into the story. Jackie O talking spanish to the immigrants on television, original footage. Nicely done!

I also started taking care of my face with a new line. Erno Laszlo. OMG. If you thought Shiseido and Kanebo were expensive ... Too bad my skin seems to accept only the prestige products. I tried with drugstore brands, but they contain so many irritating ingredients. I break out immediately. I already took picutures of the funny square bottles, I will post them soon.

And I started cutting off (is this the proper term? off?) sweets at night, after dinner. My skin will thank me! Instead I sip a mug of vegetable stalk. :-)

You know, I am much more excited than it might read. It's partly because of my limited english skills, I could express myself much better in German. Partly it's because I don't want to write too enthusiastic. For example the joy I have knowing my father will be flattered when he unpacks the new brush and soapdish. Now you know!

Thank you for stepping by!

PS: today I am wearing OPI Cukoo for this colour on my nails, my fingertips look like a bug's shield.I got the mani for free, they offer this service one week for every OPI-customer. The apprentice painted my nails so perfectly, the polish leaves a gap aboout 0,3mm between the nail and the skin around the nail. I love this. I will practice this. It obviously takes a lot of practice. It was my first mani ever. At 38.


  1. Oooh, thank you for the field report! Love the glimpses of the exhibition you show. The nail polish ain't bad either.

    Also love that you are into Mad Men. How can Mr Paula resist the styling? Insanity.

  2. Vix, I decided to go on with the field report ... since it actually all I do, besides work and watching Mad Men. Indeed, HOW can Mr Paula resist the styling? Maybe today's posting has the answer!