Friday, 8 October 2010

Update during the Vienna Design Week

The Vienna Design Week comes to an end and we are doing our best to immerge as much as possible into the programme!

The rare occasion spotting Mr Paula's rearview in front of the lense during the long night of Pecha Kucha. more info: wiki

Vix asked, how Pr Paula can not enjoy Mad Men. Seeing him here wearing a white long sleeve shirt might be the answer. Since you see someone, who likes to dress down. :-)

The Pecha Kucha talks ended at 12.10am. 2 hours after they started (approx 10pm) there was a short break and we headed to Mc Donald's, I grabbed a set menu. I used to go to Mc Donald's during the night at age 16, 18 ... when heading to the discotheque. You know, loading with fast burning kcals. It probably is this kind of spirit I enjoy during the events of the Vienna Design Week: feeling like I used to feel many years ago, participating in the city.
One Pecha Kucha presentation was on a guide for the nights out in Vienna. I hope I will keep up the spirit, and more nights out are to come after this week has come to an end soon.

Many traditional companies collaborate with the Design Week'a artists. You can tell, there is some tradition around, at Lobmeyr's!

Founded 1823

The chandeliers in the NY Met are Lobmeyr-Designs, equipped with Swarovski-components. (photo:

This is the street where you find the Lobmeyr-Shop in Vienna:
We Viennese don't fancy the Mozart-stores. Do/Would you?

I took about a dozen photos, playing with the shutter time until I had the right blur of the people passing by. I wanted to show you the crowded streets in Vienna during fall season. It was only afterwards that I noticed the to ladies with the buggy who weren't blurry on all the photos I had taken. Having a talk, taking their time in the center of the picture.

PS: why the apple as opening picture? It does look nice!


  1. The Lobmeyr's window is beautiful.

  2. Great post! Sounds like a wonderful time!!


  3. Dear Lisa, I often catch myself admiring the shopwindows of my home-city like a tourist. The admiration augmented since I started this blog.

    Eddie & Jaithan, indeed, we had a good time. One more posting is up my sleeve. The curators saved the best for last. :-)