Thursday, 23 June 2011

How I Tick

Hello Dale! Thank you for following. I thought I spice this posting with a bit of fashion, to be exact: jewellery, to prove it was not a bad idea becoming a follower. :-)

A few years ago I lost a wonderful, inherited diamond-solitaire ring. Was it the former cleaning lady that took it from my night stand, did I forget it in the bathroom? However, I forbid myself to buy a new diamond ring, because I feared I might lose it again. I was known for forgetting my ring at the sink. I did not like the idea of being so inattentive when it comes to rings (often I found the ring in the pocket of my jeans, not aware that I actually put it there).
And I came up with a idea, one could call it even a concept, or a contract: I would go and buy a costume jewellery ring and wear it for 1 year.
1 year.
If it is still there after the year, I am allowed to go for some real jewellery. Because I would have demonstrated that I can own rings and not lose them. (the major risc is washing your hands and taking the ring of for drying the fingers properly. Bad idea!!)

Here it is, the piece of costume jewellery.
My sister gave it to me Christmas 2009. I did not expect to get this ring, I thought it was too expensive but she had seen me falling for this chunky piece. April 2011, more than a year and the black/silver ring is still not lost. (the photo above was taken today). I realised I had reached my goal and may go shopping!
This paper box has nothing to do with the following, but there are numerous reasons why I decided to embed it in today's posting: It is neat and special. My friend B. gave it to me for Easter. B's familiy knows how to make other people happy. Last year I got this box as a gift. Altmann & Kühne boxes are nothing you would throw away after having eaten the tiny chocolate bits.

The yellow citrine is a colour which flatters my skin tone. And it speaks "woman" and not "girly".

Just in case you wonder: the citrine is about 8.5ct and yes, a huge stone like this can melt with your hand, making you forget the ring is on your hand after a few days. I love it, when a piece melts with you.
This small stone is far from weighing 8ct, it's even far from 1ct or 0.2ct.
I tore it out of a prong setting last christmas, just when I was slipping into my coat, ready to leave friend B.'s house. Luckily we found the tiny stone and B's father taped it on the paper and marked the paper. I love it, how target-orientated he is.
I should get this fixed soon!


After all the excitement it is time for some regress-time. Fruit Loops! Hadn't had them for ages!

A soothing sight is the army of ivory-cups

Some of you might have noticed, I have been working hard recently. Nothing better but some skin-care to keep the spirits high:

Unwrapping sea-mud
My new scent, very womanly
Yet another gift from friend B.!
Durance is a region not so well known. The olive shower bath is delicious.
Tada, my new soothing trio
Time for some tea ...
Flower tea! Really! The tea bags turn the water into bio-organic fertiliser.
Allow to infuse for 24 hours and your plants will thank you:
Coneflower, ready to bloom
Unknown flower, already blooming for the 2nd time this spring/summer
You might remember how I love armies. Not the ones on the battlefield of course. But the ones in the dishwasher or in a shopwindow.
Last week the crane organised an army of bricks on the roof of the construction site. Neat, no?

Vix, I need to apologize, I did not take the time yet to write down the carrot-apple-salad-recipe.

2 apples, not peeled: remove the core and divide into eights, slice
(in the picture they were cut into fourths, but that's too large)
150gr radishes: sliced
300gr carrots: peeled and grated

Needless to say a kitchen machine turns the three slicing/grating steps turn into fun.

Roast 1 tbsp of sesame seeds until they turn light brown

Chop a handful of parsly and a hand ful of fresh mint leaves.

Mix 8 tbsp olive oil and 4 tbsp red wine vinegar (whisk whisk whisk) and add 1 tbsp of Tahin.

Mix the sliced/grated vegetables, add 1 small handful of raisins and stir in the herbs and the dressing, sprinkle the roasted sesame seeds on top. Voila!

The apple slices and the radish slices have about the same size and the radish comes with the pink skin and the apple with the red peel, which is fun, they look very alike once they are in the salad bowl.

I prepared the salad today before I left for my Couch 2 5 k run/walk, W3D2. The Stylish Shoe Girl motivated me to give it a try. Unfortunately her back did not like the workout. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works for me this time (the first time I ended up with an ischalgia after week 2.)

Oh, this becomes a really long posting. Sorry for that! I don't want to end without recommending Adrienne's blog. She lives a Rich Life on a Budget. I find her blog very inspiring. And when you read her today's posting, you will see, what it is, that makes her life absolutely rich.


  1. hi paula,

    this past weekend we were camping in joshua tree national monument and met a young couple from vienna. i was so excited! we spent the evening drinking wine and sharing lots of stories about music and movies. it was great meeting them.

    i gave up the sofa to 5k run program b/c i was starting to dread my morning workout. i'm much happier with my fast walking. but i'm really glad i gave it a go. thanks.


  2. That citrine is stunning and it looks great on your hand.
    I think blogger should make scents available so we could actually sample online the new fragrance that you have chosen:)

  3. Dear Paula
    Willow gave me your gift and I love it! Thankyou so much for thinking of me-I love Wolford so much and it is a very thoughtful and kind gesture. Can you pls email me your postal address to so that I can send you a thankyou card? Best wishes and good luck with the couch to 5 kms running regime, FF x

  4. hi janet, I can only imagine how entertaining the evening out in the national park must have been. The morning isn't my time for any exercise at all – besides blow-drying the hair. My best workout time is around 8.30pm.

    Hostess, yes, the internet meets so little senses! The eye and nothing but the eye. Thank you for the compliment on the ring. Can you imagine, I wear it to work as if it was to be the most casual ring on planet Earth.

    FauxFuchsia, I sent you my adress via email. A cheer for the longevity of tights. :-) I am still running happily. Hope it stays that way. Should look out for a new song to run to, though. Speeding up a notch.

  5. Paula --

    Thank you so much for posting the recipe!

    Love the new citrine as well as your "trial" ring (and the box, of course). Enjoy!

  6. Vix, I altered the recipe last week by adding tiny cucumber cubes (seeds removed with a spoon). The ring sparkles really nicely!