Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Posting 150 - The Check List


Happily posting my 150th topic: The aparment check list.

The list is work in progress. It will list everything I need to take into account when buying an apartment. (A house is very unlikely in Vienna and leaving Vienna seems more unlikely).
Sometimes, when I ride through the city on my bike, a new citeria pops into my mind, like today. I have been thinking about the list before, but never started writing it down. I get started today and will edit it over time. As you know, I am also known as the princess on the pea. So you might find aspects in the list that sound silly or even ridiculous to you. You can always remove points from the list later on. I know I will have to when things become real. But as a starting point I like to begin as good as possible.

Here it is,

Paula's ultimate apartment check list:

  • no supermarket in the basement of the building
because ...
... I simply can't stand the used air of vegetables, evaporating through grills in the pavement
... I don't like lorries delivering foods at 5am or 6am and disturbing my sleep
... I don't like the sound of the scanner at the cash desk. You can hear it in your apartment, windows open, when the doors of the supermarkt slide open

  • there has to be a window in the bathroom
because ...
... I had enough of panicking that the mould might return.

- there must not be a ventilation of a underground garage nowhere near.
because ...
... I am really sensitive to annoying scents and the air of a garage is one of the worst.

  • there has to be an underground station in no more than 5 min. walking distance
because ...
... I don't want to wait for a bus or tram after already having taken the underground. Having to walk more than 5 min is nothing I would enjoy on a daily basis.

  • kitchen and living room must be seperatem the kitchen must not be part of the living room
because ...
... Mr Paula wants me out of the kitchen when he washes the dishes and I would not want have to leave the living room, just because the kitchen is part of the living room (a floor layout you find often these days, almost became a standard!)
... I like to close the door when the dishwasher is washing
... I like to keep the door closed, when garlic is an ingredient

  • there has to be a tub
because ...
... showering is no alternative when a tub is in need.

to be continued ....


  1. I agree with you about the tub. I have a bath everynight and it's not the same with a shower. I need my time in my VERY hot bath to relax and get ready for sleep.

  2. i must have a bathtub too. and a garden, even a small one would do. definitely a window in the bathroom. i wouldn't like a market right below me either.


  3. Hi Paula, I just found you on The Rich Life (on a Budget). Your comment about having only 24 followers after a year of blogging cracked me up. I hear you! I see you have 25 followers. Make me number 26. I'm at Stop by if you get a chance. Nice to meet you!

  4. Liebste Paula,
    ohne Visionen sind wir doch nichts! :))
    Und ich bin da ganz bei Dir, wenn ich schon viel Geld für ein Haus oder eine Wohnung ausgebe, dann sollten die wichtigsten Kriterien erfüllt sein. Das betrifft nicht nur das Innenleben, sondern auch die Umgebung (denn in der soll ich mich schließlich gut fühlen....).
    Und wenn Dich eine U-Bahn in der Nähe oder sonst etwas glücklich macht, dann sollen sich die imaginären vier Wände halt dort befinden!
    Da muss sich die Realität eben anpassen!!! :))
    Beate zurück aus der *Versenkung*...

  5. Hi Paula,
    I agree with your list for your apartment. It sounds so funny to me, life in Townsville is obviously very different than life in Vienna.
    Geepers, i'd love a supermarket under my house, I HATE going to the supermarket - it would be unimaginably wonderful to just pop downstairs for the food.

  6. Yay! This is probably my personal comment-record for a posting that comes without photos. I should try this more often :-)

    Jen, when my parents moved to their new apartment, my mother made clear no tub = hazard to the marriage. It's in our genes. :-)

    Janet, a garden is something that exists in another world ... In another live, probably with kids, 2 cars and the house in the suburbs it might have become a priority. Another life ... That's probably why I embrace the municipal gardens (I did a few postings on them and even did a radio report on them.

    Jill, thank you so much for following! I already read, I totally disturbed your idea of a beautiful royal wedding. Sorry for that! I will dig into your blog as soon as my last project before the summer is finished (should be later this week).

    Hallo Beate! Siehst du, ich kann mir gar nicht vorstellen, dass man ohne U-Bahn Anbindung glücklich sein kann. Stimmmt schon, Wien ist sehr U-Bahn fixiert. Dabei gibt es flotte Trams. Ein Haus auf einem Hügel in der Südsteiermark (sieht aus wie in der Toskana) wäre auch seeeeehr schön. Nur, was mach ich dort?!

    Louise, I guess ever house in Townsville is painted in pastells while the buildings in Vienna have a greyish mortar finish. I can not imagine though how far you need to go by car to get a bottle of orange juice. I am sure I will come up with further "musts", hopefully eye-opening like the ones so far.