Monday, 20 June 2011

You won't catch me red

If there is any colour I dislike in sense of fashion, it is red. Maybe it comes from our flag?
What is it, that makes red a no-go-colour in my eyes?
Probably because the stewardesses from the Austrian Airlines wear red and in their worst days, they had to wear 40den tights in red!

A leather purse in red? Never! A red clutch in patent leather? No, thanks. Red shoes? The worst in my eyes. Turn every outift into a kind of "ohm I am so relaxee, you see, I can wear red shoes", signals also a bit if "I feel so young and hip" but all it looks is wrong. So not cool. Red nails? That's a possibility. Oh, yes, and cars! Safety first. Red cars are said to be noticed quicker than any other colour. Maybe it's this effect - the "popping in your eyes" that's make me chose blue over red. Almost all the time.


  1. I can tolerate (or wear) red only in small doses these days. Nail polish, yes. A small clutch. A few small splashes of red in a scarf. That's about it.

    I think a lot of reds can look jarring, especially when paired with black.

  2. haha, Just found your blog, this is such a cute post. I like red but my mom does not like red at all and I see all of your points why you do not like it. I always liked blue more than red.

    Following you now
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  3. Isn't it funny how people associate different colours with different things!
    I like the occasional splash of red lipstick and or red nail polish and I do like a red accessory, mainly in this weather a pashmina tied around my neck.
    I had some fabulous black shoes with red trim once. My boyfriend at the time said they looked like British Airways flight attendant shoes. They were never worn again.

  4. une femme, I like it how we all like red nails. Wasn't always like that, at least not for me.

    Dale, you made my day! You can imagine, having had 23 followers, #24 is a big nice surprise! My blog is on everything but fashion doesn't come too short. The "fashion" label in the label-cloud (right hand top) is actually quite large. Although I have my own reception of fashion ...

    SSG, what did those flight attendants just do to the colour red! How could they occupy a colour so much? Yesterday I was wondering if I would still wear blue, living in a blue-flagged-nation such as greece.

  5. Somehow I feel you'd do red differently than the above examples, but I think you may just be scarred for life! However, if you ever need a costume for a party I think you have your answer....

  6. Vix, I came to the conclusion that I would probably avoid blue if I were to live under a blue flag such as the greek flag. Seriously!