Wednesday, 17 August 2011

165 of 390 nights

Much to our surprise summer decided to pay us a visit, at last!

And a new follower made its way to this blog, welcome intownsville. Hope the blankets keep you warm during the winter months!

30°C accompany the water melon, a perfect match.

Yesterday, after work, I paid my appartment a visit, emtpied the mailbox, checked if everything was safe. And of course I was curious to see how the construction site was getting along ...
I can only imagine the noise when they cut the walls to enlarge the window fronts.
While I took the photos a rather slimey neighbour approached me and asked if I take the photos for a complaint. I don't know how you feel about those people but I try to stay away from those who have only negative motifs. The truth is, I love to log processes with my camera. The flowers in the window boxes, the cake before and after the hour in the oven ... and construction sites.
Somehow the site turned in a not so friendly state of construction til I left.
Tons of concrete to come, delivered by trucks, running motors, wrrmmmmm wrmmmmmm.
Before I'd left for the summer, this used to be just 1 container
I can only imagine how tired the men working at the site must feel every evening.

I should add: the title of the posting refers to this posting, back from March 2011:
390 nights, 390 mornings

165/390 means we are not even half way through. But the worst part will be over soon. The worst part to me is the dust, when they tear down the walls. The men working there might enjoy seeing me again, waving at them every now and then. Until then I enjoy my last days of my staycation, where trees and nothing but trees meet my eyes. In case you wonder why Mr Paula does not meet my eyes - he is on his vacation in France and returns end of August. Until then I take advantage of my short single-life. hehe.


  1. Working in that heat must be will be fun to see what that building looks like when it has been completed.
    While your husband is away what do you do that is different?
    Perhaps you might blog about that...I know when I am alone I eat very differently...almost grazing and snacking never making big meals.

  2. That is quite the project your building is undergoing!

    How lovely to have time to yourself in natural surroundings. I would also like to know how things are different for you now that your husband is away. Mine used to work 24 and sometimes 48 and 72 hour shifts that would occasionally coincide with my stepkids being with their mother. I missed him often, but it was so nice to have long stretched of alone time - eat popcorn for dinner and stay in my pajamas all day watching old movies or reading. Or I would go see a friend for an overnighter. Oh the good old days :)

  3. Hi Leslie, hi Adrienne!

    thank you for your comments. A good question: what is different?

    I transformed the living room into a laundry room (ironing board, drying rack ... not sure I like it like that though!

    I cook 300% more: yesterday's dinner was pumpkin soup with freshly baked potatoe bread, followed by an
    apple crumble as dessert.
    A few days ago I cooked chicken stock, 5 litres and froze a large amount for later.
    Last weekend I did some home-made icecream without an icecreammaker and it turned out heavenly!
    Tonight I bake the potatoe bread another time, I want to take to the lido where I am going to spend tomorrow afternoon.

    I watch french romantic comedies and dramas every evening! As long as they are good, Mr Paula would not totally mind watching them, too. But since most of them are really trashy, I am glad noone is sitting next to me on the sofa and sighing every other minute.

    When the weather is bad, I work late.

    I spend the days without a cat but I can imagine how nice a cat's company would be. meoow.

  4. Haha. Too funny. Whenever Mr. Stranded is gone or working on the weekends, I do all the girlie things he hates doing - like shoe shopping, or any kind of shopping for that matter! I miss him, but also enjoy my 'single' days. Enjoy the remainder of your "single" days!

  5. Does your husband know you are testing the bounds of faithfulness by cheating on him with large half-created buildings, you wild thing you?

    I love process shots (yours and in general) though my love encompasses forward and backwards progression.

    By the way, I can't believe you aren't naming names -- what are these trashy movies you can't resist?