Sunday, 7 August 2011

Graduation Weekend

My apologies - today's posting comes with many photos. I walked the path of my running -round and took photos of the things that catch my eye. You know, I run quite slow, so there is plenty of time to see all kind of details, such as the cute window of a vet-clinic:

I love the concerned lool of the surgeon. The sick bear does not seem to well.

The conservative bourgeois area where I stay during the summer months is full of splendid villas, most of them date back to the turn of the century, the past century, not the recent one.
My favourite style: unpretentious and plain.

Others get a face-lift.
Not unpretentious enough to meet my taste.
Some neighbours fear to be robbed.
Neat balconies
A children's playground.
Europe's first terrace-building by Adolf Loos.
The annex of my former academic high-school, dates back to the 1930's (the main building dates back to 1900)
In case you wonder why my eyes are always open for architecture: My school is located in an area, thatis frequently visited by tourists who like to take photos of the buildings. Adolf Loos, Josef Frank, Jože Plečnik ... I am sure the surroundings you grow up with mould your view.

This is the point where my 5min-warm up ends and my run starts
Pulse rate monitor on, MP3 plays Madonna's "Holiday", let's go!
The blackboard to the left sometimes lists fruits and vegetables for sale.A mini-farm in the city! (Today it's just flowers)
A very, very, VERY well groomed entrance.
Parking cars faking a merry-go-round.
Old-fashioned dancing-school. Waltz never goes out of fashion.
Tricky pavement, be careful and don't trip!
A glimpse in the mirror: posture is fine, footwork needs improvement.
The classic Café Aida, one of the many branches in Vienna.
Getting closer to runner's paradise ...
... and off we run.
mossy soil = good soild for running.
Hedges get a trim..
Idyllic placees for trees.
A glimpse of the palace.

A few hours earlier the park was crowded with tourists. It is a totally different scenery in the evening.
A closer look
Flower beds laid out in front of the palace.
The clock says 15 min, time to turn around and run back home, passing some smaller fountains ...
The lazy ducks have a gangplank, funny!
10 minutes until the gates close ...
The roses don't fancy the rainy weather.
Some tourists on their last minute visit in the park.
More flower beds and perfectly trimmed bushes.
Larger structures

Mediterranean-flower bed styl.
The sundial has been around ever since I visited groundschool and probably even before that.
Oh, this bush has not received his trim yet.
The gatekeepers house.
The gate, ready to be closed.
Wolford is getting ready for winter. After the non-existend summer I hope we don't skip fall!
Moda Piu is getting a face lift ...
while other labels such as HUMANIC should never get one.
And others probably will never get one ...The restaurant with the umbrellas is one of few rare restaurants left in the area.
Most of the restaurants went out of business.

While restaurants go out of business, other businesses boom, such as clinics for planned childs.
One last check of the pulse rates of the day
The snowman has been around ever since. He tries to read the phone-number, no?
Inside the box is gravel for the frozen pavements.
Mr Paula awaits me. I love to run without my keys tied to my sneakers. (I run without a pocket)

I hope you enjoyed this walk!

PS: The title of today's posting referrs to my graduation in the Couch 2 5K programme.


  1. God Paula,
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post.
    Thanks for going to all that effort of posting those photos, I know it was a huge amount of work, but it really gives me the feel for Vienna, and for your run.
    What a beautiful city, so elegant!

  2. Dear Miss Paula,
    I really like your Vet's Window.
    My Vet always sticks a glass thing in my bottom - which I don't like.
    And I ALWAYS get a needle when I go to the Vet.
    I don't like the Vet clinic.
    Love from
    Siggi B.

  3. Louise, I am happy to see my plan has worked well, since nothing pleases me more than entertaining a reconvalescent friend!

    Siggi, my mum loves the vet's window, too! But she fears my bears might run off and join the surgeon's team. Did I already tell you how much I like your pink blanket? Enjoy the Riff Raff free days at the beach, Paula

  4. What gorgeous villas! You have many beautiful things to look at along your run - lucky you! Congrats on finishing your Couch to 5K program!

  5. I am almost sure you passed through my street, too. ;-)
    Would you give me a hint where that "farm within the city" is?
    I'd love to know. Cheers, M.

    1. Hello Merisi! You mean the farm from earler this autumn, 2013?
      The farm is called "Hascha-Hof" and is in Rothneusiedl, close to the S-Bahn Station "Blumenthal". You can go there with a normal city-ticket, no extra charge, since the station is within the city borders.
      It is so beautiful, I know you would love it there! Beautiful light and lots of details to capture with the camera.