Saturday, 6 August 2011

The World In A Pool

Last wednesday summer finally made his comeback for a few hours. This year's summer makes me think of Whitney Houston: you live on great memories,dating back in the past, but the long-announced comeback is just not meant to happen. Sommer was said to return this week but it seems, as if last wednesday's afternoon was the best can possibly get. A comeback without the High C or even a Middle C just does not meet your expectations.

Since comebacks are rare, we had to be quick, rushed to the pool and ta-dah!
A cameo appearance of this year's summer plus a non-photoshopped hip :-)

There was sun, sweat and a swim, apricot cake and my new bikini. Friend T thought my belt looks like a barbwire. I like it, when people are right.

This summer's upsides:
# you can eat any time of the day, because it is never too hot for a meal or a snack.
# you can bring chocolate as a gift because it does not melt outside the fridge.

Now I am off to run, another big upside!
# you can run at any time, it's never too hot.
Schönbrunn, aka Runner's Paradise: Gravel and soil ground, lots of trees and NO dogs.

I took plenty of photos that document my running course on a resting day. The route looks so different from the one in my home district. I will post them later this weekend. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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