Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Catching Light in Hamburg

The days in Hamburg came with more sun than anyone would have expected. Very unusual and very gratifying in terms of catching light on my camera's sensor. Isn't this what taking photos is all about: light. Focussing on the light around us, in all colours.
 The first bush was crowded with bumblebees, a humming bush so to say.
 I did not expect to find Shibuya two hours away from Vienna, right behind the Gänsemarkt!
Container-ships, sailing eastwards, towards the harbour of Hamburg are very rewarding, especially in the late afternoon.
 The view westwards aint too bad, either!
 My dear friend, the Hamburg Stadrad. 
Thanks to the bad ergonomics my triceps improved over the past days.
 View from St. Pauli westwards. A view I never get tired of.
 I light momentum on site of the Elbphilharmonie. More pictures to come soon!
 Cherry blossoms out of focus. The blurry appearance somehow suits them them, right?

When I planned the trip back in October, I had expected Hamburg to be in a early stage of spring, which means tiny hints of green, during my stay in late April. The blossoms I found on every second corner surprised me and pleased me so much. Hanami in Hamburg, how nice is that!This is probably the most poetic Hamburg-posting that is going to happen.


  1. Your pictures have a particular unique quality to them. I can't put a finger on what it is, but it has something to do with, yes, the light and the way you compose them, if I'm using that term correctly. They're meant to hang somewhere discreetly by the periphery for a long period of time, something pleasing and inoffensive, until one day you take a glance at them and without intending to, you finally understand *it*.

  2. Dear Tracy,
    your comment is probably the most thoughtful, kind and precious comment I m ever going to find on this blog. Thank you! Although I fear I may have to pass your compliments on to the camera who did the job. The sensor is special. The camera itself is quite small but the sensor is large and quite complex. It amazes me how you "got" the uniqueness of the camera after looking only at a few pictures, taking in consideration that those pictures are presented on blogspot in a poor quality, only the fraction of the original size.

    Until then: Thank you for looking at the photos and sharing your thoughts. Maybe I was not so wrong with the feeling that those pictures are poetic.


    PS: The layout of the blog has changed, the photos are now larger, you don't have to enlarge them to see them in a decent size.

  3. Dear Paula,

    I agree: I can imagine how much much better your pictures will look enlarged and mounted on a wall as opposed to my almost-certainly low definition screen.

    I like how they're quiet and meditative... yet if you let them talk, they speak of so many things. So different and refreshing from pictures that scream for attention.

    Thank you for returning to your blog.