Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Quiet Morning

This morning the sunlight creeped around the corner and entered our bedroom in the wee hours. All of a sudden, the light is back in our apartment. So bright, so light! We haven't got used to the bright sunlight yet. It feels strange. We move like cavemen who have been locked in for too long and can't believe their eyes. Those who live in Europe know what I am referring to: the permanently overcast sky, absolutely no sunrays hitting your skin for weeks ... It was tough.

We embrace the new bright season. Even though it comes with sleep-deprivation. The sound of your camera's shutter as the very first sound that touches your ears on a new day, bestows a otherwise blunt morning with magic. Of course it need the right light, too.

One hour later a freshly made bananabread left the oven. In case you see poor brown bananas on the shelf in the supermarket, on their way to the waste-bin, be a good person and save them, by transforming them into a loaf of banana bread, that will make everybody happy. Otherwise a lot would be totally pointless: Workers, probably working under difficult conditions, harvesting those bananas, shipping them around the globe, only so they end in the waste bin? Because everyone prefers to pick those bananas, that come without freckles? This recipe is fantastic. And you need very ripe bananas. Not just freckled, but awfully brown bananas. The recipe is so docile, when I run out of soy-milk I just replace the milk with water, no problem at all. I once bake a loaf for a good friend, meant as a treat for his trip to Berlin the next day. Well, the loaf did not even make to the municipal boundary of Vienna. It was just too good. And you don't need to live vegan to enjoy the taste. And last but not least: it's done without any effort, you can bake it in the morning before you leave for work (what I did today) or before bedtime, in your PJ's (what I did last week).


  1. The photo is lovely. Was it taken with "the lens" we love?

    Using that lens, I got a good shot of late afternoon light on a small glass flower vase. It's posted on my blog if you'd like to see it. We set the camera to TV and Martin increased the shutter speed. That lens is magic!

    1. Hi Susan, yes, exactly! Last year I switched to manual mode, the first shot got the light right.
      I also like your 2nd picture, with the tableware. Next will I will spend a few days in Hamburg, this time I will take my DSLR with me (the last two times I had company and did not want to bother my company with photo-halts). This time I am all on my own, perfect! And what I also like about the lens is its lightweight, don't you agree?

  2. Yes, we love it that the lens is light weight.

    I really wonder why you can't get your images to zoom in. Maybe you need to provide a link to the original URL you uploaded?

  3. You and Mr Vix, saving the brown bananas of the world one loaf/batch of muffins at a time. I salute your efforts by shoving the too-freckled ones in the freezer until they can be transformed.

    Hope you are still enjoying the sun; amazing how one forgets how wonderful it can feel on the skin when it's not too weak/not too strong!