Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunshine On The Alster

I referred to David Gray's song "Shine" when I was looking forward to going to Hamburg. I had no idea, how much bright, shining light there would be. Very untypical and absolutely pleasant it was.

Here is a tiny glimpse, the suitcase needs to be unpacked, gifts arranged and sleep needs to be caught up on ...

I can highly recommend the Alster canal-cruise. I did not fall asleep during the 2 hours on the boat. Usually half of the guests on the boat fall asleep as soon as the excitement makes way for relaxation, while listening to the captain's anecdotes, watching the birds and the waves ... zzzzzz zzzz zzzz

I was not on my own, dodo, who lives in Hamburg, had organised the trip and enjoyed it as much as I did. We were busy taking photos, on time to fall asleep. The next day we went on another excursion, we visited the Elbphilharmonie-site. dodo already posted beaufiful photos. A lot of work needs to be done until the opening of the concert hall is going to take place. But first things first, here come some crisp and clear impressions from our Alster canal cruise. The Alster was quite rought that day. Choppy water on the open water, not so much in the canals. Of course you knew that you would more bridges in Hamburg than in Venice.

Enjoy the scenic views:
Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in the back, oldtimer steam-boat St. Georg in the front
Alster Pavillon
All photos were taken with my brand new camera, DP2 Merrill. They have the camera on stock in Hamburg. Lucky me! The camera is able to captures details in a crisp and clear way like no other pocket camera or my Nikon D90 ever could. Take a second look at the wire above the bridge where the train is crossing, or the twigs of the tree to the right in the photo with the 2 villas. No chromatic aberrations at all. No purple shades of contures. The pictures are so large since the sensor is larger than the D90 sensor, I could crop any part of the picture and still have a decent poster in my hands. All pictures are JPGs straigt out of cam, no RAW files, no post-processing, fill light, what-so-ever. I can't recall what made me visit the SIGMA. Now I can say I am glad I did so! This time I take a pass on the watermarks. There is plenty of water on the pictures anyway. ;-)

Good night!


  1. Moin, Moin Paula,

    very nice photos :-) I enjoyed our trip very much.
    Hope to see you again in summer on your next trip to this beautiful city.

  2. Moin! Thank you, dodo! We were so lucky with the weather. Again, thank you for having the idea!

  3. Tolle Aufnahmen hast Du von dieser schönen Stadt gemacht.