Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bruno and Marie Curie

While I was busy packing the Mozartkugeln, these two blind passengers took advantage - I was in the other room - and jumped into the backpack.

Long story short: I found them before these blind passangers had the chance to board the airplane. We just had a brief talk, regarding safety regulations, scissors etc.

They explained: how they wish visit the country of their ancestors. I admit, I can't resisit those eyes.
And they seemed sooo excited about the trip. Their last trip to France was not that successful: no bears sightings at all.
Well, so we are going to travel as a group of 4. How nice!


  1. Have a wonderful trip! I'll hope for a report/photos upon your return.

  2. Hi Vix! Thank you!
    I will come back with 8 GB of photos on my SD card :-)

  3. So adorable. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Liebe Paula, ich hatte etwas Mühe, Ihren Blog wiederzufinden. "Follower" oder "Mitglied" kann man hier ja wohl nicht werden? Okay, ich werde mir die Blogadresse speichern, um gelegentlich reinzuschauen. Mein Englisch ist aber leider nicht so prächtig. (Obwohl mein Vater ein Ami in Ohio ist.) Grüße vom Catfish!

  5. Oh, die sind toll! Selber gemacht?! :-)