Wednesday, 29 January 2014

White and Black

Snow finally made its way to Vienna. The white snow cover is an invitation for b/w-photography.* Lets warm up with two snapshots.

Yesterday I came by this terrace and had to smile. This is the terrace I avoid in those insufferable hot summer nights during July and August, because the old horsechestnut-treetops almost build a roof above the terrace, which leads to close to no air circulation at all. Stuffy, hot, damp. Not for me.

Looking at this place in late January, you need a lot of phantasy to imagine this place being too hot for a relaxing drink after work. So in case you DON'T want to meet me in one of those awfully hot summer nights, go to the Café-Restaurant Rüdigerhof in the 5th district. And while you are there, maybe you want to pity these fellows:

Is it just me, or can you see it, too: How appealing short guys are, compared to tall buddies?

Happy black and white greetings,

*This recent movement towards total desaturation, aka b/w has NOTHING to do with the overwhelming visit at all-so-saturated Stadtpalais Liechtenstein. It comes from the books I have been studying lately, interesting books on B/W-photography.

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